Pharmaceutical Sales Organizations Face New Challenges This Year

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There are new challenges that the pharmaceutical sales organizations will face this year and in the future. The reason is the healthcare and insurance coverage has incurred drastic changes during the last couple of years. Insurance companies are giving physicians lists for medicines covered by their insurance policy. No longer can the doctor prescribe the best, or name brand. Generally pharmacies will fill prescriptions with generic medicines that are comparable. Only a pre-approved doctor special request can be submitted for selected medicine brands; and then the insurance policy has the option to disapprove the request.

What Does This Mean To Pharmaceutical Sales Organizations?

To show a profit for medicine sales, the medicine cost needs to be comparable to generic brands. Doctors offices will need to have pharmaceutical representatives visit their medical offices. The visits allow the representative to share the benefit of choosing their medicine product over the generic brands; and opportunity to leave medicine samples and promotional items for the office. The more the medicine name is seen promotional items the better chance of the doctor prescribing the medicines.

How Does The New Challenges Relate to Pharmacies?

The pharmacy is computerized to maintain patient information, insurance information and their prescription information. Prescriptions may have refill options which will require the pharmacist to keep a record of last date ordered and next available order date. Pharmacies also have laws for dispensing medicines brought about by the overuse of addictive pain killers. A doctor may prescribe a pain killer; but if the insurance policy has already paid for the same medicine, the purchase will not go through. This procedure has stopped patients from running to several doctors or hospitals and being prescribed duplicate medicines. The pharmacy law was created to regulate the amount of drugs a patient can have on hand. The law came into effect to help fight the illegal drug sales by patients.

The new challenges will have the pharmaceutical organizations to step up their game and become more innovative. With so many choices of medicines for patients, the doctors will prescribe the medicine they are more familiar with and less reluctant to change to new medicine products. Doctors have found that the pharmaceutical law changes has an effect on the way they treat patients; the doctors have realized they are restricted to what medicines they can prescribe a patient based on the insurance policy and the pharmacy laws.

Pharmaceutical sales departments need to recognize that health care providers are transitioning to new technologies; learn how to speak to those providers on our website.

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