Personal Branding: What You Can Learn From Barry White

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I was walking to the kitchen and heard my 15 year old daughter, Sarah singing. The song was “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Barry White.

Although she was singing a version of the song by a group called “Cake,” she knew exactly who Barry White was, even though he died in 2003, when she was seven years old. If you are Sarah’s age or older, it’s almost a sure thing you’ve heard of Barry White. Who can forget those sexy ballads? That baritone? The way he made most of us women feel? He’s an American classic.

His kind of music is a sure thing. The songs sexy and romantic. Whether they were up tempo or slow dance specials, you knew what you were getting in Big Barry.

There was also one other thing, and unless you’re a musician (which my daughter is), you might not realize it consciously.

Nearly every hit Barry White produced was in the key of F. Go to iTunes if you like and take a listen. They’re all in the same key.

Now I never had the pleasure of interviewing Barry White, but if I did, I would have asked him about the inspiration for his ballads. I would have asked him if he thinks of a particular person while he writes. I would have asked him who is influences were.

And eventually I would get around to asking him about why almost all his songs are in the key of F.

I’d be very interested in his answer, but I’m guessing he has tried singing in a lot of different keys. And the one that works best – that’s in his “Power Zone” is F.

Over time it’s also become part of his formula. If you hear a Barry White song, you expect a certain tone from it. Even if you don’t know the first thing about music, on a subconscious level your brain will pick up the familiar sound. You aren’t quite sure what to make of things if he isn’t singing in the way you’re accustomed.

Now if no one liked his music in the key he was singing it in, I will guarantee he would have tried something different. But it worked. And he stayed with a winning formula.

So let’s bring this back to you, and your marketing efforts…

If what you are doing is working…if people are responding to it, why would you change?

And this doesn’t have to be something you personally are doing. You might be aligned with a strong marketing system. You might be placing your advertising in just the right spot that’s attract great prospects. You might be writing with keywords that make your blog’s Alexa rank soar.

And the other side of the equation: If what you’re doing isn’t working, why wouldn’t you tweak it? Why wouldn’t you try different things? Why wouldn’t you seek out help from people who have already done it successfully?

None of us comes into home business marketing as finished products. We all learn and move with the times (at least the ones who stick around a while).

But when we find the right note, when people love what we’re doing and we love it too, doesn’t in make sense to stay there and make our own beautiful music?

Diane Hochman is founder of the HOME AND SMALL BUSINESS NETWORK, a worldwide organization committed to helping people build profitable and sustainable businesses. Diane has been a stay at home mom and marketer for the past 12 years. She is a recognized expert in affiliate marketing, coaching, information marketing and training and speaking. Today, the Home And Small Business Network is one of the most respected sources for quality training, honest information and putting the FUN back in business fundamentals. Visit and get ready to supercharge your business.

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