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Performance management training is an important endeavor that affects other aspects of a business, specifically the administrative personnel and the grassroots employees. Whether your business is just new or has been there for quite some time, training the managers of all departments is necessary to ensure that the rest of the people down will be functioning according to their job specifications.

Performance management is not going to be possible and effective without the utilization of proper tools. Aside from a good trainer, the organization seeking out this training should ensure that the right tools are going to be used according to the type of business segment it is in. For instance, a transportation company needs to look at the standards of another company in the same field, but it is never recommended to copy because every organization is considered unique. Although you took a model from others, you should tailor it according to your own business model and principles.

The tools used for such training include models of standards, self-review systems, and performance management programs. Performance management tools are those that help an organization delineate a certain set of standards unique to it. With the help of these tools, a sure hit for effectiveness, efficiency and competence among the employees is going to be achieved.

For example, if your business is holding a management skills training for supervisors, you can do it in different ways. If the number of supervisors to be trained is small, you can arrange a trip for them to an outside venue where the hired trainer has all the equipment and materials. On the other hand, a big number of trainees can be accommodated in-house, and this can also save your company on travel costs.

Once the training is completed, tools to measure and improve the performance of employees in all levels can be done. One of the ways is holding annual performance evaluations, which will gauge how all employees performed throughout the year. An issue with this tool is that it is often viewed as counter-productive. Some experts say that it must be combined with self-assessment evaluations or reviews, which is the second tool. This one allows individual employees to monitor themselves at any given time, in effect helping themselves manage their work better according to the standards and expectations where they scored poorly.

Another type of tools to manage performance of employees is conducting regular meetings. Most organizations have the habit of only convening the senior staff for this event, which is actually ineffective. If you want everyone in your organization to feel valued, you should invite staff holding crucial positions in the meetings, those who know the ins and outs in the operations in their departments. By doing this, you will have an overall assessment of your organizational progress, as you will see every facet from the managerial to the services and to the operational.

All organizations should prioritize performance management training in order to ensure efficiency and results. By knowing the right tool to use in every case, you will be able to address issues from the right point of view. Thus, if you do not know how important performance management is, as well as how specific tools matter, follow the insights about the tools and training discussed here.

Bill Walsh, managing director of Proven Training Solutions, has successfully developed and delivered over 2500 training engagements throughout the U.S., Canada and the U.K. With over 25 years experience as a management and training consultant, his expertise includes all levels of management and supervisory development, project management, team building, as well as, customer service and time management. He has appeared on radio, television and has been quoted in Fortune Magazine and the Wall Street Journal. For additional information and proven solutions to your training problems visit

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