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I chose “In Practice” as the title of this publication for several reasons. Now, more than ever, the virtues of leadership are critical for long term business success and sustainability. The market has proven merciless in its ability to destroy what were once well-known, celebrated and widely successful enterprises. It is not merely enough to have an understanding and knowledge of best practices; they must also be fiercely employed so that you and your organization are the best.

Having recently interviewed more than two hundred business leaders nationally on matters of the economy and leadership, it is evident that our current state of crisis demands real leadership. It is imperative that we as a society get back to the basics. From these conversations, I have identified three principles consistently expressed by leaders that make a resounding difference in the direction of one’s self, organization and community.


Be clear about who you are – your beliefs, your values and your purpose. As Patrick Lencioni, best selling author of The Five Dysfunctions of a Team urges, be vulnerable, “get naked”. We are not interested in perfect; we want to work with those willing to risk, willing to fail, willing to go the extra mile for the sake of doing the right thing.

Leaders are passionate, influential, and difference making. An effective leader can not escape the diligence required in ascertaining and developing his or her natural gifts, talents, skills, and competencies. It is only when you devote thinking, exploration, and hard work to discovering who you are, that you then confidently and authentically express yourself as an effective leader.


Think of integrity not as a moral or ethical issue but as a condition of workability. As I have examined with clients, integrity is a function of three things: doing the right thing; doing what you know to do (return the shopping cart even on a rainy day); and doing what is expected of you (spoken or unspoken). Without integrity, there is no workability.

We have all participated in and been involved in situations that lack integrity from the little white lies to the big white lies. As children we are taught from a very young age to do the right thing and are all too familiar with the consequences of divergence.

The business world is no different; it has become very immediate and execution oriented; often times at the cost of real leadership. We lose sight of what we said and instead, focus on all the things we “want” to get done. You are not in the business of want – you are in the business of what you said you will do. Being true to and honoring what you said you will do (in the face of any and all circumstances, excuses and justifications) takes leadership. It is a lifetime practice and if you are interested in developing yourself as a leader there is no escape.


Form strong alliances, champion others, and collaborate. The quality of your life and business is a function of those with whom you surround yourself. Having recently volunteered and run in a local 5k race in support of a charitable foundation, I was reminded of the impact and importance of being around people who are “up to something great”. Not only did I have the opportunity to contribute to the community and to foster new relationships, I benefited from the extreme positive energy generated by like-minded enthusiasts.

Take stock of your relationships; notice who is draining your energy and who is contributing to it. Act accordingly; your authenticity, integrity and self expression are at stake.

Every day we are faced with challenges that require us to make choices. In practicing and building the muscles of authenticity, integrity and partnership these choices will become less cumbersome and you will gain greater clarity and confidence.

Transformative Dynamics’ consulting and coaching relationship will foster and drive new ways of seeing, thinking, relating, and behaving throughout your organization. These new insights and actions will dramatically impact results for you, your team and your organization.

Effective leaders are good at knowing when their practices and mindsets are no longer sufficient in serving their businesses. Those who are tenacious in their ability to see their practices and beliefs at play will be rewarded by having a say in how the future goes; thus, allowing for a platform of unprecedented results to occur.

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