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The writing industry saw some optimism when George S. Parker founded the Parker pens during the late 1800s. Since then, the pens have been a popular pick among the elite. Before the discovery of ballpoint pen, Parker fountain pens have been in the first or second spot in terms of sales in the writing instruments industry. It was Parker who invented the use of quick drying ink known as Quink, which removed the irksome effect of blotting. This led to the improvement of the today’s fountain pens. Parker pens have made 40 million dollars in sales in its thirty years of business. Parker pens are also part of the world history. They were used to sign important documents during World War Two.

Now, what is it really about with Parker Promotional Pens that make them the envy of their rival companies? The simple answer is that Parker pens are efficient writing materials. Besides, they would have not gone on that number one spot if they were a piece of useless pen.

With the competitive market, no wonder companies make it sure to give away exclusive items. With other companies who try to reach the maximum popularity, the Parker Pen is suited to do the job. Promotional advertising remains the top spot in promoting company brands.

Inside a Parker Pen

Parker Promotional Pens undergo continuous customisations and upgrades to give its customers a modern and high-end writing experience. From their very first model up to their latest masterpiece, Parker will not disappoint its clients in manufacturing first-class fountain and ballpoint pens. The Parker model Duofold is a long time favourite. One of the reasons maybe because of its elegant design. Fabricated with pearl and black colours, it has horizontal ivory swirls below the exterior that compliments its main colour. With some classy accents and gold printing of the brand name, the Duofold fountain pen is visually outstanding.

There are also available vintage Parker pens and the scratch-free, stylish, and durable Parker Jotter pen finished with a handsome gloss. This pen is specially designed to create the finest experience for both right- and left-handed individuals. The Parker Frontier is another big thing. Its style makes it look like a vintage Doufold .

Parker Promotional Pens have also long lasting ink life that will last for years. It has easy to refill cartridges that make the writer go back to his work immediately. Your customers will remember your generosity through the years of writing experience with a Parker pen.

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