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Not very long ago, companies were limited when it comes with promoting their brands. There were only TV, radio, and print ads such as newspapers and magazines. These were undeniably very expensive and on top of that, customers only see them for about 20 to 30 minutes and they are easily forgotten. These companies spend money and get only fair results.

Fortunately, advertising using product giveaways and thank-you gifts has become very popular. The new and innovative strategy of business promotions had a good future. Now, it is one of the most used medium for publicity.

Parker Corporate Pens are the top choice when it comes to giving away company tokens. Parker’s high-end and elegant style will surely impress your clients. Who would not want to receive a free Parker pen? Even if it will serve as a thank-you present for your employees and clients or as a prize for a raffle draw, the recipient will surely be grateful. Your competitive rivals are around and will be thinking on how to be on the number one spot. They will not surpass your Parker Corporate Pens.

Why People Prefer Parker Pens

Parker pens have been around since World War Two and are very efficient in the writing experience. In other words, Parker has established standards in the writing instruments industry and is continuously developing it, which leads to a more groundbreaking status. They have definitely made history.

Parker Corporate Pens are available with the following models:

  • Jointless (1899)
  • Jack Knife Safety (1909)
  • Doufold (1921)
  • Vacumatic (1932)
  • 51 (1941)
  • Jotter (1954)
  • 61 (1956)
  • 45
  • 75 (1964)
  • Classic (1967)
  • 25(1975)
  • Arrow (1982)
  • Vector (1986)
  • Doufold International (1987)
  • 95 (1988)
  • Sonnet (1993)
  • Parker 100 (2004)

With all of these excellent models, the Duofold Parker pen seems to be the favourite. Relatively expensive in stores and online, Duofold has high-end style and precision in your writing needs. Many customer reviews have claimed its outstanding design. Its delicate fabrications highlights its main colour. The pearl and black versions of the pen are also top picks.

When inscribing your company name and logo to high-class Parker Promotional Pen, your company will be remembered for your services. You may even be labelled as the finest compared to your competitors.

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