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At first glance a website might not seem to be very helpful; however a website can be much more than just a method to get painting jobs. You can use the website to gather information about the paint job. In addition to selling your company by writing about your business and showing photos of your work, you should have at least one page to gather information.

Design your site to get info, and ask questions. By asking questions you will eliminate the questions you normally ask in person. And you can print this page on your computer’s printer.

What do you ask? Obviously, you want the customer’s name, address, phone number and email. Where did the customer hear about your company? What does the customer believe is the scope of the job? What does the customer think about the amount of prep that should be done prior to painting?

Also, was the house built before 1978? 1978 was the year that lead paint was phased out. So there is a possibility that lead paint was used, especially on windows, doors and woodwork. As a painter you could be liable for the residents, adults and children having exposure to lead and showing positive for lead in a blood test.

Another question to ask is did the customer have any experience working with contractors. Was the experience positive?

Where did the customer hear about your painting company?

Does the customer have any experience with contractors?

– Have this question page set up so the customer can click a button and this page will be emailed to you
– Have the coder install a “Bookmark This” button. This will bookmark your site to the customer’s bookmarks.

I knew nothing about web design, so I hired a coder from a company called “Get a Free Lancer.” This is a site where you post a job and coders bid on your job.

You may think that websites are expensive, but they are not. Here are some of the expenses that you will experience with your website:

For the server, which is the place to park your site, I am currently paying $3.95/ month with NO contract. If you find the right server you might pay nothing to register the site’s name. I think that I paid under $75 for get a Freelancer to write the code for the site several years ago, that was a onetime fee. And keep in mind that was 1 out of 20 bids. I was very surprised to see how many paint jobs I received from my website, quite a lot.

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