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Stop making the search for training management software complicated for your managers and leadership.

There is no need to search relentlessly for sophisticated and expensive online supervisor training courses that drone on about some supervisory skill.

You can create meaty and powerful training modules that last 6-8 minutes in the Flash video format that supervisors will absorb like a sponge and love to watch. And you can create them yourself!

Don’t scoff. I am talking about animated, audio-based, action-oriented, memorable, and intense information in video format delivered to managers and organizational leaders right from your Web site-with no logins or nasty services fees from some third party LMS or content provider.

By the way, after you create these modules, you can go to your property casualty insurance agent and “demand” a discount off your D&O insurance and EPL policy because your risk is going to plummet. You deserve a break. I for one am tired of businesses not getting financially recognized for reducing their exposures to liability.

Here’s How to start

Time out! Fast Note! – Although on first-glance, the following steps may sound complicated, they are simple. I am only making them detailed here so they are clear to you. Your IT expert or any employee who understands PowerPoint well, and who can work with your Web site will laugh at how simple these steps really are.

Best of all, you are going to save a ton of money on this training management software solution. This is great, especially in this crazy economy that’s scaring the bejeebers out of people.

So imagine having 10, 20, or even thirty different leadership and supervisory skills in Flash video that you would like to impart to supervisors so they can learn to manage people better and reduce risk in your organization.

Here is a list of what will be in your home-made training management software solution. They are just a few just to get you thinking: observing performance, writing documentation, resolving coworker conflicts, communicating and relating to top management, praising and inspiring employees, preventing workplace violence, the supervisor’s role in respect, confronting employees, and delegating properly. Of course, there are many more that you could list like managing unfit for duty employees, dispensing discipline, and building your team, etc.

So, let’s get cracking on these steps. By the way, all prices shown below of anticipated costs are factual based upon me doing everything you see below! I paid precisely what you see listed or less!

Step One

Decide what you want to have supervisors and managers learn. What lessons do you want them to get down pat. Consider past issues in your workplace and those out-of-court settlements and lawsuits you had last year. What supervisory skills could have help prevent them?

Step Two

Do a quick outline on each one – just spend a few minutes.

Step Three

Have a staff member or hire a writer for $100 to write a 600 word document that is highly descriptive and substantive on the precise topic you want to focus on.

Step Four

Pass the completed draft around. Have everybody mark their input and additions.

Step Five

Send it back to the writer and have him or her integrate the content and finalize it. You will have a 700-800 word document.

Step Six

Have the document proofread. Use a proofreading service. Price: $30.

(Alternative: Remember that you can visit USA.gov, the U.S. Government web site. You can then do a search for any topic. Find federal government public domain content that you can then incorporate into your training modules. Talk about cost-beneficial. You’ve already paid for it with your tax dollars! Use it!)

Step Seven

Have a PowerPoint person section up the document and place the text on 25-35 slides.

Step Eight

Apply three images (it can be two, however I like three) to each frame that you can get for almost free from clipart services online. I use a clip art service company that has unlimited downloads for $159 a year. (I like photos because of their professional look). Don’t doing any yet with the PowerPoint. You just have bullet text and have plopped three images into each frame.

Step Nine

Have a voice talent person that you can find on Elance.com (or similar web sites) create professional voiced mp3 files for each slide. They will read the script. Don’t do this yourself. Your voice is too boring and it isn’t professionally trained. You will drive supervisors nuts if you ignore this advice.

The text from each slide, is pasted to the PowerPoint notes section. The document has simply be cut up over the 35 slide spread. The slide text itself is abbreviated in bullet format, but the voice talent will read from the script in full. Price for voice talent: $100. (Yes, that is cheap isn’t it? Surprised?)

Step 10

Time everything in the PowerPoint. Make the images enter and exit. Use “Fade”. Don’t make the PowerPoint crazy. Make the action simple. Keep it consistently the same on ever slide. Don’t make a circus out of the slide show.

Step 11

Purchase for $199 a software program that makes Flash movies from PowerPoint. Google for this product. You will find several. They are simple to work.

Step 12

Create a flash movie. By the way, you now have Flash, Self-play CD Flash, Power Point with Sound, and No Sound. At this stage of the game, four different formats of this presentation exist to match almost any venue.

The only format you don’t have yet is DVD. No problem. Google and purchase a PPT to DVD tool. Beautiful-it’s only $199. Now you have five formats! Do you see how awesome this?

Step 13

Upload the flash movie to your web site. It takes 90 seconds.

Step 14

Build a web page and create a button, and load the Flash movies “behind” their assigned titled buttons.

(Optional Step 15)

Create a paper test and make a PDF with 10 questions for each of the flash movies that can be printed by a supervisor. Place the test button next to the flash movie button. One click and they can print it. Make it so the answers can be checked and corrected. Give an incentive your supervisors to complete test. A gift certificate, etc. It’s doesn’t have to be expensive like a Ruth Chris’ Steak House gift certificate, but you if you do make it that valuable, it will be worth it.

You’re done. Except remember to hound your P-C insurance carrier.

As many topics as you can imagine can be incorporated into you training library using the formula above.

Click Here to see how these videos might look on your Web site and get your first 14 done for you. Daniel A. Feerst, LISW-CP, is an industrial social worker and creative thinking entrepreneur who hates complicated bureaucratic snarls. His 40-page human resources tools catalog WorkExcel.com catalog can be seen online. Dan is self-employed publisher who helps human resource managers and other workplace professionals de-stress and do things more efficiently with newsletters, training, and reproducible materials. He runs a web site called http://www.WorkExcel.com Dan is author of educational and training products used by the U.S. Small Business Administration, the U.S. Air Force Academy, the U.S. Congress and thousands of small and large businesses nationwide. You can reach him personally at 1-800-626-4327. He lives in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.

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