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Does your business have an online presence?

Are you satisfied with your online success?

Online marketing, especially through social media platforms, has taken the business world by storm. With the addition of blogging, newsletters, and social media sites, any small business can reach massive amounts of potential customers and business growth. It can happen with only a click of a button.

However, why are so many business owners frustrated with their results?

Maybe this sounds like you:

You have a successful business offline and have done a great job with finding customers that are local, but you are ready for your business to move to the next level. You made a Twitter account and Facebook page, maybe even put up a blog and website, but your information is not getting where it needs to go. What are you doing wrong?

To get you started on the right foot, here are 3 Simple Tips to Creating Content that Sells

1. Discover your ideal customer. The most important ingredient in online marketing is understanding who your ideal customer is. Of course in any type of marketing this step is important, but if you are planning on seeing business growth with your online content, it is essential! Learn everything there is to learn about your ideal customer and be as specific as possible.

2. Read your ideal customer’s mind. After you know who your ideal customers are, you need to develop the ability to read their mind. Understand their pains and what would solve their problems. What are they looking for in a product. You may have the best thing since sliced bread, but if your ideal customers aren’t looking for it, they aren’t going to buy. Keep in mind that people buy for two reasons, to get away from pain and to get closer to pleasure. How can you help them do either?

3. Talk to your ideal customer. In every piece of online marketing, you need to direct your content towards your ideal customer. Talk to them directly, like you are having a conversation. Show them that you are the expert in solving their number one problem. Don’t talk to the masses. Pretend you are talking to one personon as you write.

As an added bonus, here is another piece of advice: Don’t do all the talking! Make sure you are adding in ample time to listen to what your customers are actually saying!

Starting an online business is simple! However, seeing the business growth from your time investment is not always easy.

Take time to get to know your customers, give them what they want, and become the expert in your market – Then you will see the results you worked so hard to create!

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