Office Politics – 4 Ways to Keep Your Staff Happy

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There is nothing that can be more damaging to a company than to have disruption among their office staff. It not only interrupts the work flow, but causes more ‘sick leave’ as well. When a person has their mind occupied with ‘office politics’ it means they are not concentrating on their job. A good office manager will be able to see this happening and take proper steps to stop it before it gets beyond control. Some of the things to watch out for, and keep the staff happy are:

Do not have favorites

There is always someone in the office that does an excellent job, is always pleasant and eager to please, while there might be others who do the work but are quiet. Naturally, one is drawn to someone with a good personality, however giving such a person extra attention, or having them do special things is going to cause resentment.

Listen to complaints

When someone comes forward with a complaint against another staff member, or a particular situation, it is not something that has happened overnight. Usually it has been building up for a long time. Sometimes it is because of the actions of one person, how work is distributed, or something else. The worse thing that can be done is to ignore it. Follow through, investigate what is going on by quiet observation, and try to correct the problem. Always go back and discuss the complaint with the complainer, telling them what has been done to change the situation.

Be honest

There is nothing that will upset an office staff more than having a manager who will say one thing and then do something else. For example, “If you get X amount of work done, we will then have it easy for the next two weeks”. If the staff works its tail off and then finds just as much work the next week they are resentful.

Give some slack

There are times in a person’s life when there are emergencies, such as someone in the family is ill or dies. Sometimes it is simple exhaustion, or one of hundreds of other emergencies that happen to people on a daily basis. While an office manager does not want to overdo, showing sympathy and allowing time off is the right thing to do.

There should always be time allowed for a gathering of the staff. Whether this is on a weekly or monthly basis makes no difference. At such a gathering there should be a cake, finger food, or some type of refreshments. This should include management and will be a time the staff will look forward to. Some companies even have a special dinner, once a year, where staff and their husbands and/or wives are invited. This can be written off on the company budget and brings a lot of good will between staff and management.

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