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If you are researching Nikken chances are you are trying to figure out the odds of success if you do decide to become a wellness consultant and seeing if the company is legit. This article will address issues why some people make significant money in Nikken while others are still left in the dust and end up in major debt with broken dreams. You will see how you can avoid being in debt in Nikken and see how you can afford your business venture if you make the decision of joining Nikken and build a significant income for you and your family.

Let me point out first that the Nikken products and Compensation plan are very competitive in the network marketing industry. The products are of the highest quality around in my opinion. But having a great product doesn’t make it a great opportunity if you can’t sell it at all. If you don’t know how to market your product effectively your competition will reap rewards that should go to you.

As with any venture, the odds of success are very slim in this company if you don’t get the right training. You can do what a lot of network marketers are doing, talking with their friends and “sharing” the opportunity and “sharing” the products. That is what most people are taught to do; talk and talk about the opportunity and follow up, follow up, follow up. Since the distributor is new they don’t know any better, they follow up with the up-lines advice and see that it is not working out. The new distributor ends up discouraged and ends up quitting because the business has not grown like they were promised.

The reason they end up quitting and failing is not because the distributor is not persistent, nor is it because they don’t want it bad enough, or don’t  visualize enough, it is not that at all. It is the marketing that is being taught within the company.  The methods of recruiting are outdated. Today, a new way of marketing is taking place called attraction marketing. Not only is becoming popular, it is becoming the standard and will continue to be so. The company will not teach you attraction marketing, it will teach you to talk to your friends and family using the company tools which just talks about the company and how great the products are.  The tools don’t really offer any value, it’s all mostly advertisement to just join Nikken.  Why not learn to get customers and new distributors that want to hear from you instead and monetize your efforts in network marketing so you can afford to stay in business until you reach your goals? 

Overall, like I said in the beginning, Nikken is not a bad company at all, and the products are very legitimate products, they actually work. The methods of recruiting does not work for most people though. The reason a lot of people think Nikken is a scam is because of the attrition rate of the distributors and the dramatic claims of the products.  Most of the attrition has to do with today;  people are tired of being pitched and hounded for an opportunity.  Instead people seek educational content to gain knowledge on how to build a business, and the internet is one the best ways of gaining knowledge.

If you are going to build a Nikken business, start offering educational content instead of selling your products and opportunity first.  I promise you that if you start educating people first, people will seek your products and opportunity because of your knowledge and expertise.  You will will be ahead of many network marketers in the industry if you take this approach instead. 

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