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Businesses in the current economic cycle are experiencing challenges that were unforeseen in yesteryears. In this competitive business environment, many businesses will use ingenious methods to market itself. One of these marketing methods involves the use of office stationary such as notepads. Yes, your standard notepad has evolved from being a mere piece of plain paper to a strategic marketing tool. The styling and design of modern day notepads is not the only thing that has radically changed with respect to notepads. The face of the notepad has also changed. It is no longer plain paper but screaming company logos, and addresses that greet you when you open a notepad.

There are several designs of notepads in the market. The following are some that your business can deploy in its marketing campaign:

• Checklist type notepads. These kinds of notepads are ideal for service centers such as supermarkets. They are also quiet appropriate in fast moving consumer goods industries. The idea behind this notepad design is that you check off a list of a series of set targets. When given to a player in the FMCG industry or a service center it markets a firm saliently.

• Magnetic notepads. This kind of notepad basically has a magnetic strip at the back of the paper. The leaf of such a notepad can be stuck on a refrigerator or any other metallic surface. Such a notepad acts as a reminder tool.

• Artistic types. Deploying such a notepad in ones, marketing strategy will require that the designer perform a balancing act of no mean measure. If the designer focuses strongly on the artistic part and less on the implicit marketing of the business entity, then his action is overkill. If he does the reverse then his art would be tasteless. The key is to find a balance between displaying art that attract people and implicitly pushing ones marketing agenda.

These are but a few of the notepad designs that you can essentially use in your marketing campaign. The list is not exhaustive, nay. Your creativity with regard to notepad printing is depended on the ceiling of creativity that you impose on yourself. Getting it right with regard to the notepad that you design will result in a marketing coup of sorts. Getting it wrong on the other hand can mean that you have an impotent marketing campaign. However way it plays out, what is certain is that the notepad as we know it will never be the same again.

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