Non Profit Organizations Need Credit Card Processing

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In today’s world if you do not have a means of accepting and processing credit cards for your nonprofit organization you are missing out. The fact is most people today do not carry around cash or their check book but they do carry around plastic. If you are a nonprofit organization that has not yet made the transition to credit card donations you may want to consider the advantages of accepting plastic.

Advantages Of Accepting Credit Cards

Your non profit will see numerous benefits when you decide to start taking credit card donations. Here are just some of the great advantages you will see:

· An increase in donors. You will most likely see an increase in the number of people who will make a donation to your organization.

· A higher donation amount from individuals. If you only take cash or check donations you could potentially be missing out on higher donation amounts. When people have the option of donating with a credit card they will often donate more.

· Flexibility for your donors. When you offer credit cards as an option for payment you are providing flexibility and showing your appreciation to your donors.

· You can set up recurring donations. When you accept cards you will have the option to set up recurring donations from your sponsors. Every month, every six months or once a year you can bill your sponsor’s card a set amount that they have pre-determined and approved.

· Cost savings. Even though there will be some fees associated with accepting credit cards your non profit could very well see a cost savings, especially if you accept donations on line. When you have your donors pay on line you can request their email address and solicit them through email instead of paying for postage.

· Easy tracking. A final benefit your non profit will enjoy is the ability to run reports and easily track donations.

Types Of Processing Accounts

If you have decided that it is time for you nonprofit to start accepting plastic you will either need to set up a merchant account or sign up with a third party processor so that you can accept donations.

· A Merchant Account: Especially for larger nonprofit organizations having your own merchant account is usually your best bet. You will want to set up an account where you can accept payment right at your organization and over the internet. Additionally, you may want to consider mobile processing equipment so that you can accept donations while out and about especially if your nonprofit frequents trade and vendor shows.

· Third Party Processor: If you are a small nonprofit it may be more advantageous for you to accept credit card payments through a third party processor like PayPal. When you go this route instead of you processing your donors credit cards the third party will process them for you and then keep a cut of each transaction.

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