No More Amateur Looking Letterheads

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Want to lose that amateur look of your print letterhead? It is really easy to make your designs more appropriate for professional letterhead printing. Let me give you a few moves that you might want to try out, to lose that amateur feel and achieve that professional look you want for letterhead printing. Just read the list below and you should be able to get what you need for your custom letterheads.

• Use full color letterheads – One big thing that will divide amateur custom letterhead from professional letterhead printing is color. That is why removing that amateurish look on your custom letterhead means using full color letterheads for your purpose. Simple black and white letterheads will not do nowadays because it just looks cheap and amateur. Using colored inks for text and full color images can provide an enhanced level of communication in letterheads that makes them more effective. So always go for full color letterheads to get that professional look.

• Always get professional high resolution images and logos – Another important thing to remember to lose that amateur look, is to always get professional high resolution images and logos for use in your custom letterhead layout. The emphasis here is on high resolution because most amateurs typically use low resolution clip arts as design embellishments for color letterheads. It is actually better though to use high resolution images and logos because they always appear clean and sharp when printed. That is why it is important for you to get this high quality images for your letterhead printing.

• Use only simple and professional font styles – It is also a fact that amateur custom letterheads usually look a bit too wild and loud because of different font styles. To be really professional with your color letterheads it is important that you only use simple and professional fonts. Headline fonts like sans serif fonts are highly recommended for use in letterhead printing because they are easily understandable and very formal look for letterheads. Use fonts like that and you should easily lose that amateur look in your custom letterhead.

• Go beyond the typical header template – You might also want to opt to go beyond the typical letterhead template to remove that aura of being an amateur. Since most amateurs use the letterhead template feature of word processing programs, using that same template can of course make you look amateurish as well. It is better for you to go beyond this template and add a few extra elements on your own. For example, you may want to integrate your logo as a background for the whole letterhead. Or you can also add special borders in emphasize certain elements of your letterheads. These extra elements should make your design more creative, helping to break that amateur aura.

• Use great paper materials for letterhead printing – Finally, if you are printing letterheads professionally, it is best that you use great paper materials for letterhead printing. Using glossy type paper can actually enhance the look of your letterhead designs helping you make that amateur look vanish a little bit more.

Great! With these tips, you should have no more amateur looking custom letterheads.

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