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MyMindStorming is a concept born from the process commonly called brainstorming.

Part 1 of this series shows how to do it and use the results to make article marketing dollars writing articles.

Future articles will show some real examples of the application of the technique.

Brainstorming was popularized in the early 1950’s. In its simplest form a group meeting is held for the purpose of generating ideas, new product names, solving problems, or other by using the brains of several people instead of just one brain. In the initial part of the session, the goal is to generate as many ideas, new product names or problem solutions as possible without judging or criticizing them immediately. Since some people are sensitive to criticism and become defensive, group members are encouraged to avoid any criticism of the ideas generated. The reaction to criticism can slow down the generation of ideas and may, in essence negate the whole process. Free-wheeling, and piggy-backing on other peoples ideas are encouraged and group members are asked to spit out any ides they may have, no matter how crazy sounding or bizarre. The interaction can create a larger quantity of ideas, than would otherwise be generated.

The session is generally conducted in a quiet room in a comfortable setting, possibly around a conference table. The room should be isolated from interruptions and any distractions. The ideal room would not have windows, books, magazines, phones, or any other causes of distraction. A secretary, or possibly a tape rccorder should be used to record all the ideas generated.

Once the idea generation phase is completed, the list of ideas becomes the feed for a review and evaluation process. This may be done by the end user of the ideas, whether it be a higher up in a company setting, or an end customer, if the group is doing consulting work for such customer.

MyMindstorming is a modified version that uses a speedy listing of ideas by one individual, YOU.

The setting should be a room that is similar to one used in a brainstorming session in being comfortable and free of distractions. In this case it could be a small room. The idea here is to use a pen and pad of lined paper prenumbered 1 to 25, and a timer. Set a time that is reasonably short, like 5 minutes, depending upon the complexity of the problem, and the number of ideas desired. Once you have a topic, get set and after starting the timer, write down ideas as rapidly as they come to you. The concept here is one writers are sometimes encouraged to use to generate an article, which can later be either down into a series of short articles, or revised into a stand-alone article.

Once you have finished with the session and have up to 25 ideas, you can start evaluating (at a slower pace), and boil the ideas down and select the most promising to put into use.

One good application for the technique outlined here is to generate a large number of EzineArticles topics to write about in the future. Part 2 will outline that session and the potential article topics generated.

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