Mobile Marketing Solutions – Are You Reaching Your Wireless Customers?

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What do your customers want?

When you are looking for online solutions to reach your customers, what are you really looking for? Well, let’s back up a little. It’s not what you are looking for. After all, every business wants an easily found website that tops the results page of search engines for the keywords that your customers use to find you. Don’t you? In thinking about mobile marketing solutions, what I’d like you to consider is…what do your customers want?

Mobile marketing begin with the searchers

What do your customers want? If you are a pizza place and a mom is leaving work, stuck in traffic, late as usual, kids are calling saying they are STARVING (aren’t they always), then mom’s mobile phone is a direct line to your restaurant, and you are going to make her life a lot more simple when she (still sitting in traffic) uses her mobile phone to order dinner for her STARVING kids. She relaxes, they’re ecstatic, and you’re the hero……if only she can find you. That’s what mobile marketing solutions are really about. The customer needs you, she wants you, she is actively looking for what you have to offer, and you have to be where she is looking – in the top of the mobile search results.

Increasing revenues with wireless marketing

Getting to the top of the search results is no walk in the park, however, so when looking for the best mobile marketing solutions, people often turn to an SEO specialist to help them further their reach on the world wide web. This is essential if your website represents a business and has marketing purposes, because it makes profits dependent on the popularity of your website. While the web is being dominated by traditional SEO (which often is dominated by the big boys), mobile marketing may provide the exact solutions you need to increase your revenues in a different fashion, i.e. via their wireless devices.

Mobile advertising

Right now, because it is still an emerging market, mobile advertising is relatively inexpensive and a great value. This is the equivalent of the gold rush in web marketing. Brand new, anything goes, grab your pickax and hardtack and pan for that gold! It is a constantly growing platform and the right mobile marketing solutions can render your business as mobile as your customers are.

You no longer depend on being well known while waiting for potential customers to find you but, instead, you can now advertise wherever their mobile devices may be. There is nothing wrong with traditional SEO, but mobile is the up-and-comer, it’s where it’s at, it’s where your customers are – and it’s where you should be. The right company to provide your mobile marketing solutions is a phone call away – make that a mobile phone call away!

Your mobile marketing solutions

Nancy Sackman is the owner of Vivid Goals Web Marketing, among the pioneers in providing your Charleston mobile marketing solutions. Click on the blue link to visit our website and we make it easy to contact us – fill out the Contact Us form, the yellow ochre Free Consultation box, or call the phone number at the top of every page. We provide mobile and Charleston SEO solutions for your business. And, just to keep it real, you don’t have to be in the Charleston area, what with email and mobile phones and what not. What your vivid goals today?

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