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Are you looking for somewhere to dine tonight? Wouldn’t it be great if you had a reminder that you have local web coupons to use? This is where mobile marketing can come into play.

Imagine getting promotions, coupons and recommendations for shops, restaurants and services in your local area, straight to your mobile phone. If Europe is where you live, you’re probably already familiar with accepting adverts on your phone. However, others around the world are still a bit uncertain about receiving mobile phone ads. Fortunately, you the ability to opt out or put privacy settings in place on most advertising platforms (apps) give.

Business brand building and marketing on mobile devices is becoming more readily accepted. Advertisers commonly use this method to improve brand awareness, produce databases, and stimulate customer attendance at special locations, events and sales.

So why are businesses going down the path of mobile marketing? Think about it… you probably don’t have your mobile banished to the depths of your handbag, but have it right in the palm of your hands, on the ready. You’re concerned you might miss a call or a text or even lose the opportunity to take a photo of whatever you’re doing right at a pivotal moment to post it on your favored social networking website. And you may love texting through your votes on TV talent shows. Now and again you’ll get a text message reply thanking you for your vote and that you’ve been success in adding your mobile number to a database. And did you realize that if you ever check-in to a place you like, you’re essentially performing a tad of mobile marketing for that company? Your friends will notice your location and will take notice of the place’s name. New, viral media branding at its best!

And companies know that people love to text. So, if you’re in their target demographic, they want to appeal to you immediately on that tiny mobile screen. And you’re likely to ready their message within the first 5 minutes of receiving it.

Furthermore, mobile marketing involves more than appealing to consumers than just using SMS. Marketers are growing creative with music streaming, apps, interactive ads on tablets, gaming and surveys to get you to take notice them. The ads are so relevant and targeted that you many not even realize that you’re being marketed to. And it is predicted that mobile marketing campaigns will use more deals, coupons and loyalty programs.

So if you’ve received a free coffee coupon but you can’t be bothered to print it or cut it out… just pull out your mobile and give it to the Barista for viewing. Mobile marketing is an extremely effective channel for advertising and businesses will be using it more and more. So get on board, save some cash and have interactive fun!

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