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Today’s business owners are faced with an enormous problem. The search results are dominated by large corporations major chains, lack of knowledge to develop a web campaign let alone combine mobile marketing, belief from the small business owner that the small business owners cannot compete against the larger corporations and the inability to make the transition from traditional advertising mediums.

Times are changing and traditional advertising mediums are losing their effectiveness.

Phone Directory (last time you used one) Newspapers (declining rapidly due to internet) TV (TiVo and DVR fast forward commercials) Telemarketing (Do Not Call List) Direct Mail (1-2% Yield) Print Ads (Rising costs) E-Mail (Spam software) Does your business fit into one or more of the mediums above?

The statistics are amazing.

  • 1 Trillion – Number of web sites in the world 50
  • Percentage of small businesses NOT having a wed site 78
  • Percentage households with 2 computers 82
  • Percentage of local online searches that result in offline purchases 0
  • Without a web presence, your business has 0 chance in connecting with local consumers performing online searches

Billions of dollars are spent in the US each year to drive awareness and purchase intent. At the bottom of the online funnel, before an online shopper becomes an offline buyer, that shopper will look up the business’s listing. Any successful advertiser needs the act of finding their store’s location to be as frictionless as possible. The business needs correct listing data, needs to be in control of messaging of their brand and needs visibility.

1 out of 5 business locations are not showing up properly. Can you imagine if 1 out of 5 stores had the wrong name on the sign out front? Or the wrong hours of operation on the window? Or the wrong promotion listed throughout the store? That’s what is happening online right now. Is this happening to you? You may be surprised.

Having a website is not enough. How do people find you? How do you drive traffic to your site and increase sales? Are you satisfied with your presence? Now, place running your business daily operations and you may be overwhelmed.

Consumers are talking about you all through the web on Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Urban Spoon, Four Square, Citysearch and many more. If your business is not listed than it is not being searched and is not being profitable.

  • 71% of all American adults use the Internet 91% of all Internet users use a search engine to find information
  • Over 50% of all purchases are preceded by an Internet search
  • 30% of all search queries contain a city, state or zip code
  • There are 2.6 billion local searches a month

What does this have to do with you? If your online information is missing or incomplete it may cost you in online exposure and smaller profits. In today’s economic times, your business cannot afford to be behind the competition or your business will be left behind.

Integrating Mobile marketing into your business marketing model will increase your exposure and keep in constant touch with your clients. Imagine increasing your business when you want and how you want within a 24 hour period. No more email marketing, no more flyers, or other ancient forms of advertising which cost you money and low return on investment (ROI) for your advertising capital.

Mobile marketing is a great solution for: retail stores, restaurants, churches, clubs, bars, promoters, schools, real estate agents, television (e.g. American Idol Voting), radio, magazines, medical services and much more.

Some of the benefits of mobile marketing for businesses include:

  • The ability to create outstanding and cost-effective promotion campaigns
  • The ability to build better and longer-lasting customer relationships
  • The ability to retain existing customers while enticing new customers
  • The ability to penetrate the cell phone market and build brand awareness
  • The ability to reach out to customers on the go
  • The ability to integrate new, innovative forms of advertising
  • Delivery of messages is fast and controllable
  • Promotional efforts can be launched in as little as 24 hours
  • Response times are equally fast and are typically within 24 hours

Below are a few facts on Mobile marketing:

  • There are 5 billion plus cell phone user vs. only 1.8 billion Internet users (almost 3x in market size.)
  • Of these users, 51 Million use smart phones. There is a fundamental shift in how people are communicating.
  • Text open up rates are 95% ( Very important)
  • 73% of new mobile phone buyers report that text messaging is the most important feature on their phone
  • The typical mobile phone user now sends more text messages than mobile phone calls
  • Gen Y and Z consider e-mail pass

The three things consumers grab are: Keys, Wallet and CELLPHONE.

To recap, combining Mobile marketing with online local listing will provide increase brand recognition, staying ahead of your competition, lower your advertising expenses, stay in touch with your clients, drive customers to your business within 24 hours and in short, you will be cutting edge and ahead of the competition.

As you proceed forward with your marketing campaign hew are a few questions you may need to ask yourself and of your business:

  • Does your business stand out above the rest?
  • Do you know your online business profile and how you are presented in front of potential customers (web presence)?
  • How are you being competitive with other similar businesses?
  • Is your online information the same across the web (555-1212 not the same as 555.1212)?
  • Are you using social branding (secret, Facebook only has 1/20th of the advertising compared to Google, hint)?
  • Do you use You tube to brand yourself?
  • Is your Google Places business page complete and verified, how about Yahoo?
  • Are you harnessing the power of mobile marketing to create a market buzz?

Anthony Papadopoulos, MBA
MoboLoco Adz
3440 Lehigh Street, #316 Allentown, PA 18103 Phone: 610-295-5393

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