Maximizing Event Success and Profits With Custom Water Bottles

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Savvy coordinators are boosting the productivity and profits from their events with custom labeled water bottles. What’s their secret?

4 Keys to Enhanced Event Success Using Custom Water Bottles

1. Optimizing Your Attendee’s Mindset

The sweltering summer weather is on us and in order to maximize the results of any event attendees, hosts, support staff and sponsors must be kept cool and hydrated. This will keep them relaxed, more attentive and feeling good. Plus, the better they feel the better your staff will perform and the more ikely that guests will stay longer and buy.

2. Raising Awareness & Spreading by Word of Mouth

Arming guests and auxiliary personnel with your custom branded water bottles means spreading the word in the most powerful possible way and outside of your immediate audience. For events held in conference halls, resorts and hotels this means increasing awareness of your product or cause and potentially driving higher attendance and ticket sales during the event. Those exiting will also take the message out into the street for conversation starters with potential prospects who can be driven to attend or your web assets.

No matter what your event is promoting and how solid the pitch is there will always be those who don’t act on the day whether it is to take a breather and not fold to the pressure or due to lack of funds. Taking your designer bottles of water with them provides the perfect reminder and trigger to get them to take the desired action later on.

3. Sell Your Custom Water Bottles

Selling your own bottled water at concession stands means doubling up on the marketing benefits they provide while bringing in additional revenues to add to the bottom line or offset other marketing expenses. You can offer them for as little as $1 or why not cash in on the captive audience and put a premium on them. Even movie theatres charge upwards of $6.50 for a bottle of spring water these days.

4. Sell Advertising Space on Your Bottles

New custom water bottles designs can incorporate up to 4 or 6 ad spaces on the backs of labels in addition to your own branding on the front. These spaces could be offered as a bonus to sponsors or sold to advertisers. This can offset marketing and beverage service costs or even turn a profit too.

These strategies for utilizing custom water bottle labels for events can be used by any organization in any industry from fitness centers to church groups, medical professionals, auto dealers, non-profits and by professional event coordinators themselves as well as hosts.

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