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A brochure is one of the most powerful marketing collateral that provides information about a particular company, its products/services, price packages, product launches etc.

Hence, it is important to have a well-designed brochure that can help you expand your business and establish a good reputation in the market.

Structure, design and format of a brochure may vary from one organisation to another as there is no standard format for designing a brochure. This allows the organisations to add as much information as they want and design it in a way that it completely reflects the identity of a company.

It helps you stay in touch with your customers, prospects and business partners and precisely explains your business to them.

It is believed that effective use of brochures can help the businesses improve their sales graph.

Let’s find out how this can be done:-

1. Extension of your business card

A brochure provides a detailed overview of your business unlike a business card. Information about your company, products/services, your work profile, names of clients you have worked with etc. is included here.

2. Develop a joint venture

Start collecting the databases of non-competing companies. Try and reach out to a company that may have served a similar client that you wish to approach. Put their company brochure in your showroom display rack and request them to reciprocate. If they agree to it, this joint venture would help you attract more customers.

3. Ask for referrals

Send 3 copies of your company brochure to each and every customer on your list and request them to pass on the same to their friends, acquaintances and business associates. It is true that every customer would not agree to return the favour but a certain chunk of loyal or satisfied customers would willingly do as requested.

4. Tool for future reference

Leave your brochure with every client and prospect for future reference after your sales call ends. It is expected that those who are interested in purchasing your products or hiring your services would like to read your brochure at least once.

5. Let your company personnel help you

If you provide services such as- repairing a desktop computer, electrical appliances, furniture etc., let your service personnel, or technicians, or installers, or delivery staff, leave your brochure with the client once all the repairing is finished. This way you can promote additional products/services.

6. Distribute brochures to specific group members

You can distribute your brochure to members of a specific group. For example: – there are various multi-units wherein start-up businesses are housed.

7. Brochure with quotation bids

Distribute your brochures along with your quotation while bidding on jobs. This would allow you to familiarise yourself with the companies that request bids and you may expect business from them.

8. Mail drops

If you think that a large portion of your target audience is interested in buying your products/services, distribute your brochures to them without any delays. Even if you are able to get the response of 10 out of 100 prospects, your job is done.

9. Personalise your mails

You can write a personalised direct mail to your prospective clients and urge them to ask for your brochure.

10. Trade shows

Trade shows are a good medium to target a large number of people. Ensure that you give your brochure only to the visitors who are interested in your business i.e. those who request for your brochure or show some kind of interest in your products/services.

11. Send brochures with your outgoing mails

In order to have recurring customers, it is wise to market about your products/services to the existing clients on a regular basis. You can send your company brochure along with the statements or invoices to your clients.

12. Add your brochure in the free information kit

Add your company brochure to the information kit that you distribute to the leads generated through online networking, directory listing, publicity, display or classified ads.

13. Take advantage of every opportunity

Look for various opportunities to distribute your brochures to the prospects. For example: – shopping malls, plazas, display kiosks etc. have information centre where promotional materials like: newsletters, brochures etc. are kept. It is an effort to attract genuine leads.

14. Make it visible

Hot spots such as waiting area, reception area, service desk, cash counter etc. can be used to display your brochure to catch the eye of the visitors.

15. Tag it along with the thank you note

Attach your company brochure at the time of sending thank you notes to the clients for purchasing your products/services.

16. Make it a part of your marketing efforts

Make it a habit of sending free brochures to all the visitors on your website and to those who inquire about your product/service.

17. Other marketing collaterals

You can also distribute your brochure with your company newsletters, reports, magazines etc.

18. Distribute it as a hand-out

Contact a business development office or a local library to display your company brochure there.

19. Make your brochure available at the tourism office

If you target the international market, then ensure that your brochure is available at the tourism offices. It is especially beneficial in case of B2C marketing wherein you attract direct leads.

20. Retail areas

Coffee shops, fast food outlets, grocery stores, drug centres -can be used to generate genuine leads by displaying your brochures there.

21. Medical centres or clinics

There are a number of magazines, brochures, booklets, newspapers etc. kept at the waiting area of medical centres/clinics like- doctors’ clinics, health practitioners, dentists etc. Contact the person in-charge and request him/her to place your brochure with the rest of the magazines and brochures.

22. Information to website visitors

Compile a list of your website visitors from your database and offer them a free brochure.

23. Attach with packaged product

At the time of packing your product/s, attach your company brochure to let your customers know more about your company and its strengths.

24. People in news

There are several people who are in the news for all good reasons, if you think that a particular individual flashed in the news, can become your client or may prove beneficial to your business, extract his/her contact details and send your brochure to introduce yourself and develop healthy business relations.

25. Tie-ups with related industry officials

Try and develop business partnerships with the companies that compliment your business so as to get some additional business. For example: – a company that develops mobile applications can tie-up with a mobile manufacturing company to get some additional business.

26. Attach with the success notes

Attach your brochure at the time of acknowledging others on their achievements such as increased sales, community welfare awards etc. This activity can be a part of your reputation management plan.

27. Get noticed amongst the influential people

Influential people like: – editor-in-chief of a newspaper, or magazine, or trade journal etc. can help you promote your company by writing your success stories, products/services, USP etc. that may interest their readers.

28. Contact the local officials

Local government officials can help you increase your sales. Convince them to convince the people in their constituency to buy your product/service. The USP of your company, how it can benefit the buyer, quality offered etc.- are some of the most important points to be included while pitching to the local government officials.

To sum up, we can say that a brochure can be used as an effective medium to enhance your marketing value and thus improve your sales.

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