Marketing Your Dental Practice – Discover 4 Strong Tips on the Power of Google+ (This Is For You)

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Marketing your dental practice? Google+ Local is a great place for you to be marketing your dental practice. It’s replacing the Yellow Pages, and it’s one of the options that Google gives you for free.

How many times have you personally picked up the Yellow Pages in the last year when you were looking for something locally?

You need to have this marketing tool in your marketing tool belt. Google+ Local will enable you to take advantage of all of the “Google juice” the number one site on the internet can provide. Google+ Local will help you put your dental practice in front of your potential clients.

So what’s in it for you?

Why do you want to use Google+ Local?

Google is about relevance, when people search Google wants them to find what they are looking for. You want to be found by the people in your local area when they are looking for a dentist!

4 great reasons to hop on board now and add this to your marketing tool belt!

1. It’s free. Any business owner can go in and claim their business. You don’t have to have a website. You do not have to have an existing online presence. In fact, this could be where you start to build your online presence.

2. You want people to find you. Google is the number one search engine. When you claim the listing for your dental practice, provide all the requested information and maintain it on a consistent basis; Google is going to give you credit so that your dental practice will show up higher in the rankings. Which means local people will find you when they are looking for a local dentist

3. You can be very specific about your business. Google offers many categories, one of them is “dentist” or perhaps you wish to use “orthodontist” as you can select more than one category.

4. You have the option of inputting any description about your dental practice. Use this to your advantage and uniquely describe your dental practice. What makes you stand out from the other practices? List all of the services that you do best and describe why you are the best in your area. You would definitely want to ask a few of your current patients why they come to you, what makes the difference for them. You can insert those into your description.

Bonus Tip – when you create your new Google+ Local account create a new generic gmail address that you can allow anyone in your dental practice to use. If you use your personal email account you will be stuck doing all the work instead of being able to delegate to others in your practice.

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