Marketing While Maintaining Your Integrity!

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There are a few very easy ways that you can get people to sit up and take notice of your business – without you shoving the information down their throat! In fact if you do it right, people will ask YOU what you do first. And that is the most comfortable way to attract interest in what it is that you do – a gentler way or promotion.

I was on the elevator last week – heading up to an appointment on the eleventh floor. In my one hand I had my briefcase an in the other hand I had a binder. On the cover of the binder, I had my logo and an invitation to ask me about my business. There were three other people on the elevator and one of the women there asked me about my business. By the time I got off the elevator, I had handed out 3 business cards- 1 to a man whose sister had a business – and have already heard from one of them. It took no effort at all on my part, and because someone asked me about what the binder with the logo stood for, I was able to promote myself without feeling like I was intruding on their privacy.

For the purposes of promotion- it is important to promote yourself or your product wherever you are. I have a friend that has a great drink that comes in tablet form – she carries them in her purse and offers freebies at restaurants when she is at networking meetings or visiting friends. Her sales as you can imagine- have skyrocketed. She is a great promoter! So what can you do to better educate people about what you do or have to offer?

1. Carry sample of your product with you- and give them away
2. Wear your logo- on a jacket, or a turtleneck
3. Wear your own product if it is wearable
4. Brand yourself- be sure you send out the same message everywhere you go.
5. Have a signature file in your email – linked to your web site or web page
6. Include your picture on your business card – people remember pictures
7. Collect opt in names or create a permission based data base- and send out newsletters
8. Make sure all your correspondence is branded
9. Create a customer loyalty program
10. Offer free service for referrals sent to you by customers
11. Send out specials in your invoices
12. Clarify and simplify your message in a good infomercial
13. Consider link exchanges for websites
14. Offer articles to websites or publications that give people free information and promote yourself at the same time.

Many of these things can be done with very little money and simple actions. And you never have to worry that you are sending out information to people who do not want it and who could possibly question your integrity because they have received information from you without asking you for it.

Finally, when promoting yourself especially through permission based emails – include an opt out feature for everyone who receives your information. This gives them the opportunity to request to be taken off your email list.

A Matter of Opinion
One final note on mass faxes, mass unsubscribed emails and mass phone calls or ‘caller daemons’. Many of us have received at least one of the above. In my opinion all of these forms of advertising lack any integrity and are intrusive. Faxes and phone calls interrupt our daily routines – unsolicited- with very little if any benefit to us. Cold calling can be viewed in the same way. Although many companies use these methods of advertising- research has shown that building relationships is the very best way of gaining and keeping a customer. ‘Selling’ or offering your product or service to someone should not feel like a ‘dirty’ part of your business. If you concentrate your efforts on building relationships and educating people on the benefits to them of your product- your sales will increase and you can feel good about what you offer for sale!

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