Marketing the Virtual Way

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Today’s virtual marketing

What seems like a long time ago, small business owners usually had to do a local campaign. This meant doing expensive advertising and brochures. This also meant trying cold calling, direct mail, joining the local Chamber of Commerce or even something crazy like BNI. One major player was the good old phone book.

Now a days, you can work with a all types of business planners and professionals all the way across the country. Now a days, if you do it right, people come to you, not the other way around!

Welcome to the era of the online customer. Yet, even though the Internet has made it attainable to land a big time client you have never met, it has also created high expectations among consumers.

Prospects can search local business profiles to find businesses. Sites like Merchant Circle lead this trend of many, many sites. Prospects can also just flat out “Google” you. Irregardless, when they find you, they expect you to look good and keep up with this technological age, or else you may suffer in not being used.

Your online First Impression

When you meet someone in a matter of seconds you develop first impressions. Many of us now form “first impressions” through the world wide web. Just like in person, prospects can be quick to judge your site and presence online. Think about it. You have probably used the Internet to look up a company or a freelancer you’re thinking about doing business with. This has to work the other way around, right?

Get Influential online

Just as some famous or popular speakers have a gift of influential speaking, your website has that chance too. You can start by sharing inside knowledge with your prospects. This builds trust, and places you higher in esteem. Participate, listen, contemplate, and offer thoughtful responses to your clients and prospects. Never be afraid to say your two cents. Make sure it is known that you are the leader in your industry. Be resourceful as a leader and give lots of information.

Packaging it as one

Now you have a well thought out, established online presence that commands attention. There is one simple way to connect you with your target audience. Go to your local SEO company and have them get your started on a campaign that suits you best!

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