Marketing Strategies For Your Coffee Shop

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Marketing strategies are long term actions that is well thought out before hand and based on incidents that happens on a daily basis in your coffee shop. These incidents wanted or unwanted is your opportunity to build a great name for your coffee shop. A great name and many referrals is the purpose of an unbeatable marketing strategy that is unique to your coffee shop.

Give me some mud off a city crossing, some ochre out of a gravel pit, a little whitening and some coal dust and I will build you a luminous picture. John Ruskin

Often the daily routine and the details of running your coffee shop takes the initial joy that you anticipated when you bought or started your coffee house right out of your dream, turning it into a nightmare or an energy sucking experience. Clients and staff can become so painful that you often just want give up and go.

One of the easiest ways to manage your coffee house is to work on it and not in it and the difference is huge once you have given this statement some thought. I recommend that you invest in the E-Myth it is a book written for small businesses in a very easy to understand manner and rich in explanations that is easy to identify with, that will help you take your business to the next level.

Instead of loosing your enthusiasm for your coffee shop, grab a pen and a note book and start to create solutions and marketing strategies for every problem that occurs in such a way that you will actually look forward to a life of freedom knowing that your coffee house can run itself while you are on holiday or planning your next coffee house.

Create a how to manual that every staff member must learn, know, understand and apply when wanted and unwanted incidents occur in your business. Even if something has never happened before, be prepared for it so that you will turn anything and everything into positive publicity.

When these things happen all eyes are on you and your staff, knowing that this is how you are going to treat them when something happens at their table in the future. The great and the ugly part of it is that your patrons are going to tell everyone they know about it. You might as well be prepared and determine what is said.


  • A client bumps over their coffee; it is in their food, on their clothes and dripping on the floor.
  • A child pukes all over the food and messes everywhere.
  • A client faint, bumps his or head on the corner of the table and there is blood everywhere.
  • A wife sees her husband at a table with his girlfriend or the other way round, a screaming match break out.
  • A pregnant woman’s water break early and the contractions start.
  • A group of forty people or more that are spending a large amount of money is getting louder and louder upsetting your other customers.

The list is endless but the determining factor for developing marketing strategies that is unique to your company is that you train your staff to handle these incidents the way you want the news paper headlines to read the next day

I have always found it so much easier to better my sales targets when people who enjoy and like me, recommend my services to their family, friends and business associates. I hardly do any selling it has been done for me; I just sign the order and deliver the goods. I sincerely wish you the same success. Visit me at for more free information on this powerful lead generation system.

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