Marketing Positioning Gives Your Business Direction and Distinction

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So many businesses expend the vast majority of their staff and financial resources on developing and refining the company’s product and service offerings. While this is obviously a critical component of business success, one’s own offerings are worthless if their value is not properly articulated and appreciated. When you consider the fact that 90 percent of businesses fail within the first five years, it is not necessarily because of a poor product or inadequate execution. In many more cases than you would perhaps think, these closures are due to poor marketing positioning (or clear, distinct communication of differentiation and value).

If you take a moment and consider all of the goods and services that you currently purchase without thinking twice – from paper towels to medical services – you make these decisions so easily, because you are already fully aware of their value. You wouldn’t buy paper towels if you didn’t foresee the need, in the coming days, to wipe off a damp surface. The same holds true for medical services. The value there is quite apparent.

You go to the doctor for a health assessment and remedies.

In your business, you need to begin thinking in these distinct marketing positioning terms. You cannot assume that your target buyer inherently understands the value of your “flux capacitor”, for example. The benefits are likely quite clear to you; but, perhaps, your buyer knows very little about the merits of owning such a product and how it can be of value to his/her company.

I implore all of my clients first to consider carefully the value of what they are selling and whether or not that value is clearly communicated through a sound positioning strategy before going to market, if it is not already too late. In the cases when a product has already been launched, I encourage these businesses to re-launch it with value-based messaging. The benefits of such a measure will surely astound you. I’ve seen the positive consequences time and time again.

The simple fact is that in every industry there lies an unbelievable opportunity to seize mind share and market share by purposefully differentiating one’s products and services from the competition’s through an effective positioning strategy. All too often, businesses keep their uniqueness a secret. This makes no sense when you carefully consider that we go into business to make money, not friends.

Uniqueness (or differentiation) is what sales and marketing is all about. To best communicate with differentiation, you need a strong, concise and targeted positioning statement, key messages, proof points and value propositions.

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