Marketing on a Budget – Wristbands & Other Tips

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With the economy straining businesses, marketing budgets are growing smaller and smaller. Needless to say, marketing is quintessential; being absent from the market is not an option for many businesses. Besides using traditional marketing and advertising mediums (that are often very expensive), there are several ways to make your presence felt regardless of your budget.

One efficient way to advertise, although often overlooked, is with yard signs and flyers. Yard signs and handouts are becoming more and more popular these days as many small business are trying to get the word out about their products/services. These signs and flyers are particularly useful for targeting consumers concentrated in and around a specific area. This is definitely a cheap and easy way to promote your business, any promotions you may be running, or services you offer.

Wristbands are another creative marketing tool often not taken advantage of by many businesses and event planners. While wristbands are most frequently used for crowd control and security, many companies often forget that they can be used for marketing and promotional efforts too. As wristbands are a necessity at many large events, consider customizing the identification wristbands by adding a company logo, website address, or coupon code. This is a great way to see how effective your marketing strategy is, as purchases on the website made with that specific coupon code can be easily tracked back to a specific event. Spending a couple extra cents per wristband to have a message printed on them can lead to a pretty substantial increase in sales.

The internet has and will always be another great marketing medium for businesses. You have several free options when it comes to marketing online. First, start a blog and have employees post on it. That’s an easy way to brand your company and become a leader in your industry. Or, write articles and submit them to online hosting sites. Many times, these articles will get picked up by other news sites and blogs, a great way to get free PR. Also, utilize social media. If you’re company is a good fit for a Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn account, sign up for these free services and reach out to your consumer base, or see what they’re already saying about you!

These cheap marketing techniques will give your company and brand a pretty good amount of awareness all at the right price.

Leona Chavez is the Marketing Communications Programs Manager for Precision Dynamics Corporation. PDC specializes in the use of identification wristbands and event wristbands. Chavez has ten years experience in PDC’s marketing department, having specialized in the company’s Leisure & Entertainment division.

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