Marketing Ideas From a Leather Clad Vampire Hottie

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I have to tell you… there are worse ways to spend a Saturday night than sitting down with a bottle of wine and a bowl of ice-cream and watching a skin-tight-leather-clad Kate Beckinsale dealing death and destruction.

I’m talking, of course, about Underworld 4, the latest film in the Underworld saga. I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing 2 and 3 yet, but that didn’t make the plot any harder to follow… although “plot” is probably a fairly optimistic way of putting things.


Because they’re all pretty much the same: hot Vampire Chick slays numerous bad-guys and werewolves in various ingenious, inventive and improbable ways, and ends up in a humungous fight scene at the end where she invariably triumphs.

High art, it ain’t.

But who cares?

After all, it’s entertaining and it doesn’t exactly take lot of effort to work out what’s going on — it’s Kate Beckinsale in skintight leather.

Need I say more?

But here’s a question: how many films like this can Hollywood make before everyone gets bored and stops watching them?

The answer is…

… as many as they please.

Because the public never tires of them and never is going to, because it taps deeply into our human psyche. Like I said: it’s Kate Beckinsale in skintight leather.

So… what does this have to do with marketing your business?

Oh, just about everything, that’s all.

Because a lot of my clients come to me and ask me to help then write new ads, web-pages and sales letters.

And I ask them why.

The answer?

Because they’re bored of them and want something new.

Wrong answer.

It’s perfectly valid to be testing new material against existing ads to see if you can improve response; but it’s folly to take something that’s working and replace it in toto, just because you are bored with it.

The only time to do that is when it’s stopped working and is no longer making you money. And since your market will get bored long after you do, you ought to forget about how you feel about your marketing pieces and see what the numbers are telling you (because the numbers cannot lie).

To put it another way… writing your ads to please your own tastes is like Hollywood making a film to please the critics rather than the people who make the whole thing worthwhile: the cinema goers.

So rather than changing things around because you’re bored of them, focus instead on putting your existing material in front of more people.

That’ll pay you back big time.

Look… marketing success really does not have to be a struggle.

But it can be, if you don’t know the easy way to do it. Jon McCulloch is perhaps Europe’s top direct response marketing expert (and he’s definitely the most irreverent and Non-PC one you’ll ever meet).

So if you’re feeling brave and you’re not easily offended, then feel free to help yourself to his regular marketing tips by email, and a whole heap of free marketing goodies besides.

But be warned: these tips are NOT for shrinking violets or the faint hearted.

They’re waiting for you here:

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