Marketing For Event Planners – How to Grow Your Business

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For event planners, timing is everything. Sometimes hundreds of different variables have to come together to create one seamless beautiful function. It takes a great deal of skill, patience, and excellent communication skills. Planners are like conductors in an orchestra, keeping the pace for everyone else to follow.

The problem is you can be the very best at what you do, and yet if no one knows it, all of your talents are pointless. You need to build your business just as any other business would even if your business is you.   Since you are the very essence of your business, anything you do to build that business has to revolve completely around you.

Your skills and your talent have to be at the forefront. A great way to start is to partner yourself with other business that you would use or solicit as an event planner. For instance, let’s say your area of expertise is as a wedding planner, a good business builder for you would be to introduce yourself to local bridal shops, florists and bakeries.

Use the old if you scratch my back I’ll scratch your approach. Simply make a spoken agreement that you will use them for their services whenever possible if they agree to promote you. Get them to allow you to put flyers or business cards in their shops and make sure they know how to get a hold of you if they come across one of their customers that my need your services.

Just remember regardless of how you do it, the key to you success is that your customers see the value of having you in their corner. You must make it seem like you are an absolute necessity to anyone planning an event. Use these business-building tips for event planners to strengthen your hold on the marketplace.

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