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Just pull out the iPhone or any of the other hundreds of devices that allow the world to be better connected. This fast paced connectivity is a beautiful thing, knowledge is passed around like it has never been before, people are able to keep in touch with friends and it allows us to get in touch with people that otherwise would be elusive, such as celebrities, business mentors or inspirational people. I was recently in a situation where I wanted to learn about investing on the stock market, now anyone who has ever looked at financial statements and annual reports will know that it all looks a bit like a calculator with a broken screen, loose wiring whilst being on ecstasy (not me, the calculator). It is information overload and the untrained eye just doesn’t know what to look for. But I wasn’t giving up that easy so I turned to my trusted friend, the internet. I found this brilliant minded investor on Youtube, who is highly respected and recognized for his investing expertise in his country and without the Internet I wouldn’t have known he existed. I sent him a message through his website but there was no reply, I sent him a message through Facebook and there it was, the iconic message symbol was highlighted in red in Facebooks top navigation bar, I had a reply! We have exchanged messages since and he has been kind enough to offer his advice, I say it again, the internet is a beautiful thing.

Most people agree with me, it is a beautiful thing, that’s probably why creative programming wizards are able to release free tools for pretty much anything you can think of. Marketing is no different. There are tons of free marketing tools that business owners can turn to. I am not going to list any of them here, a simple search on Google will reveal them to you. Remember the internet is your friend, get to know it. You can make free websites, free marketing material, social media platforms, stand alone tools to go with social media platforms, the list is endless, it all comes down to your creativity and desire to search and devour the information on the internet, then to pick the best info from the binfo(Rubbish information, yes I like creating words on the spot)

There is a problem though, for all the creativity, technology and money flowing through the internet, the big boys over at Google, Facebook or any other tech giant haven’t been able to develop a time stopper. What is a time stopper you may ask? It’s a machine that stops time. Oookay and what do I need a time stopper for? Well if you’re spending your time on marketing, who is going to run your business? You need more time. Because to be honest marketing is only effective when it is done every single day, and there is a lot to learn. If you are willing to spend time to master the art of marketing and advertising for your business then great, the UK economy needs more dedicated people like you. If you are unable to commit yourself to learning and consistently advertising your business, then I have to be blunt and say don’t bother. In the opinions of prominent businessmen if you are unable to commit to advertising then it would be better to turn to a marketing agency for advertising your business.

Even with all the free tools available, mastering all of them is a necessity in order for them to be really effective, half measures just won’t do. Tazoo Marketing has a large portfolio of free and purchased marketing tools, and without sounding boastful, we know how to use them.

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