Manipulation While Selling

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We really live in an age of information overdose. There is information just about everywhere, on just about everything. Most of this information is on selling. Whether it comes to us on how to make a wonderful first impression, or how to have the best body language and verbal communication, or how to develop great relationships, it is ultimately selling. I, for one, genuinely know that selling is dignified communication. What I do not like is manipulation while selling. To understand this better let me take you through sales as a profession, and as an activity.

Let us first of all be aware that all of us who are trading our time in return for money, providing certain products or services are in a profession of sales. Be it the humble school teacher, or a renowned doctor, people right across the spectrum of varied professions, are into selling all the time. Selling is not just restricted to the salesman who rings your doorbell, or makes an office call, or the sharply dressed people who show you around in exclusive showrooms. Each one of us is into selling.

Sales as a profession, is an outcome of living in societies. In the earlier times, when state ensured everyone’s survival related requirements, business was restricted to certain communities only. But it is no longer so in the modern day societies. Now, each one of us has to be good at selling our wares. They may be products, services, or even ideas, which lead to both – products and services.

So, the first and foremost thought that we need to get rid of is that any of us can be away from selling.

Next, is to begin understanding that as human beings we are all the very same at the core levels. Our circumstances may be different. Our physical realities may be different. But we are all the very same, when it comes to the operations of our minds. Anyone who is blessed with a functional mind operates in exactly the same way, no matter where he or she is located in the world. We may look different but we all feel the same way.

Our conscious mind may function differently but it uses the same ingredients of operations. And our subconscious is exactly the same part of the whole, with no differences whatsoever.

While selling when we try to use various strategies and formulae, we bring in manipulations in relationships that we are trying to build. Yes, communication is extremely essential. But communication should be based on honesty, sincerity and a genuine interest in helping the other person. This may sound like a cliché to some people. But it is the ultimate reality.

Human beings have immense vibration reading abilities as our bodies are basically vibratory instruments. Come to think of our sub-atomic physical structure, it boils down to protons, neutrons and electrons. These sub-atomic particles have negligible mass and immense energy owing to their vibrating at very high speeds. This is true for everything else that we see in physical form also. Owing to this reality we read the vibrations of others very quickly and very instinctively. And, others also do the same towards us. We change the vibrations of our bodies by our thoughts.

So, if we even have a shred of manipulation somewhere in our thoughts, our prospects would read it. Some people have better tuned themselves to read the vibrations of others. Some have neglected this inner ability of theirs. But we all do retain it to some extent. So, it is extremely important to leave aside formulae and strategies and concentrate on developing honesty and sincerity and genuine interest in the other person – your prospective client.

Selling is not just an activity you indulge in professionally. It is something that goes on forever. Try feeding greens to your pre-schooler. Or try to justify an expensive impromptu purchase to your spouse. Or try to convince your parents to let you stay out for that trendiest party on a school night…there are numerous examples of selling happening all through the day in your life and mine.

Selling is not just done professionally where some money exchanges hands. Hold this thought for a while and try to see how much selling you have done today.

Selling is dignified enlightening communication where you do not go about insulting the intelligence as well as sensibility of the other person – your prospective client, or spouse, or kid, or parents or…just about anyone.

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