Managing Employee Performance: Three Ways to Promote Employee Growth

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It is every manager’s dream to have employees who are highly committed and have the capabilities to really produce results. That is why managers set certain goals and standards. They motivate their team and do their best so that they can achieve certain goals and standards in order to produce excellent outputs. However, despite best efforts, at the end of the day, there are some team members who still do not perform as expected.

As a manager, you have the task in ensuring that employee performance is not just satisfactory but excellent. Changing your management style into a more employee centered approach might be just what you need to get those results you have been longing for. If you are a manager looking to change your high-handed management style, here are a few things that you can do to ensure growth with your employees:

  1. Allow employees to explore possibilities and solutions. Give your team some time to think about certain processes and allow them to create and present solutions that they believe are to be beneficial for everyone. For example, instead of letting management decide to new rewards system to be implemented for the year, let the employees who will benefit from the rewards create the system. Solutions to a process’ inefficiency work best when the people who provide them are the ones who are directly affected by it. At the same time, set aside time for your employees to explore their possibilities in the organization by getting to know their career plans and ensuring that they continue to grow within. Allow them to attend training courses with topics they are highly interested in or seminars that will help them with their current job description.
  2. Listen carefully. Sometimes, words are not the only things we should be listening for. Feelings are also conveyed through our conversations. As a manager, it is your responsibility to listen carefully to your employees and determine how they feel about certain work related tasks. Allow them to voice out their ideas during meetings and give them the opportunity to tell you about their other concerns.
  3. Facilitate rather than dictate. Meetings are not monologues. Ideas should come from everyone who is involved in the meeting. As a manager, your work heavily relies in getting things done through your team and with your team. The use of open-ended questions that can facilitate brainstorming within the group is also beneficial. Instead of simply proposing an idea, show your team their options and ask them about what decisions are they most comfortable with.

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