Making the Most of Corporate Coaching For Your Organization

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If you think the people in your organization or, rather, your organization itself has a potential to go much ahead but there are obvious or not obvious roadblocks holding it back, then probably you can make use of corporate coaching to unleash its potential to the hilt.

Corporate coaching isn’t just another form of coaching-this is a deeply motivational and inspirational form of training that helps people helming a particular organization to inspire and lead their subordinates to achieve their goals. Personal coaching is all about the individual…whether CEO, Sr mgr or line manager. A good corporate coaching session can teach executives how to maximize potential and productivity without seeming too forceful on the people working with or under them. In this way, though corporate coaching might be done for a handful few people in an organization, it does send its shock waves throughout the organization, and hence has an effect over the way the entire organization begins to perform.

Now, if you are planning to have a corporate coaching session for the key players in your organization, you’d be better off knowing that there are various forms in which this coaching can be conducted. The best way-and the most common way-is to have highly charged onetime sessions such as workshops or seminars for a group of executives. You could have such sessions when a particular policy is being implemented or when a new goal is being defined. The corporate coach could train the leaders in your organization what they can do in order to maximize the output of subordinates and thus ensure that the goal is not flouted upon.

Corporate coaching works best when only a few people are trained at a time. This allows almost everyone present at the session to speak up. The coach can then identify individual detrimental factors that might be wasting time, money or other kinds of resources for the organization and bring out solutions. Hence, never make the mistake of inviting a large number of people for a corporate coaching session.

The time between two corporate coaching sessions is also important. These sessions could prove to be a shot in the arm when your group’s motivation is sagging. Having half-yearly or even quarterly sessions is a good idea. In any case, you must plan out such sessions during milestone policy making moments in your organization. Increasingly monthly coaching is most productive…with a minimum of at least a 6 month commitment.

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