Making Managers Into Leaders – Breaking Out of the Employee Role

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From time to time, it becomes necessary to promote an employee into a management position. While this can be beneficial to the company in keeping down the costs of hiring a new employee, and also to the person being promoted as there are pay raises associated with increased responsibilities, there are also can be some serious issues to overcome. When making managers into leaders, these issues must be addressed first and foremost.

One of the biggest obstacles facing those who are new in a management position is stepping away from the role of co-worker and into their leadership role. Particularly when employees have been with the company for an extended amount of time, dealing with the transition into a place of seniority over their former co-workers can be difficult. If this role is not accepted fully, chances are that the respect level will be low and they will find it difficult to get people to do as they ask.

One of the easiest ways to handle this is to move them to a different department within the organization, at least until their management training is complete. This will help to give them a sense of stability in their new role, before dealing with the potential problem of being the “boss” of their former co-workers. Handling both can be quite overwhelming, especially for those who have never been in a management role before.

If this is not possible, try to keep a watchful eye on the interactions between the new supervisor and their team. Step in where needed, and reinforce the idea that they are now a person in charge to those below them. Provide your new manager with plenty of training on how to lead a team and take personal responsibility for their new position.

Making managers into leaders isn’t always easy. There may be bumps in the road, and struggles for both the manager and their former coworkers along the way. Once everyone has adjusted to the new order of business, however, things should begin to fall into place and your new manager will begin to grow and develop.

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