Making Free Classified Ads Work For You

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Have you ever heard the old adage that nothing comes free? In most cases, that is absolutely true but not when it comes to free classified ads. Not only are they free, but you can do more than just post a personal. The options that are available to you today can put plenty of extra cash into your wallet at zero cost to you.

Yes, I know you have heard this before and that it usually ends up being a scam but this is legit. You are about to find out how you can make money with absolutely no up front investment on your end or how to find a job without paying some agency to get you a spot.

By now, unless you are living back in the early 1900’s, you have probably figured out that I am not talking about the print media. We are speaking of sites that you can utilize on the internet. Are there enough sites out there that do this? How does over 12,000,000 sound to you. If you don’t believe it, do a search and see how many hits you get. That is an 8 digit number folks!

With the availability of all of these, you can choose to do whatever you want but for our purposes here, we are aimed at mostly selling items or starting your own business and trying to find job. These are two areas that will usually cost you decent amount of cash but not if you make use of the free services we are discussing here.

With there being millions of sites to choose from, you must do so carefully. You can easily end up putting your information out on a scam site and that is not something any of us ever want to go through. No, we are going to stick with reputable social networking sites and marketplace sites that are tried and proven. These will give you an outlet 100x better than your local paper and are totally safe to use.

Major social networks and marketplace sites all have loyal followings that will drive traffic to you on a national if not world wide level. This is not something that could be achieved easily or cheaply in print media.

If you are worried about the technical aspect of it, don’t. Putting up a listing is about as easy as typing your name. On the social networking site, you are pretty much blogging. On the marketplace sites, you are usually walked through the process and will have your ad up and running before you know. The one thing you will have to make sure you do though is use good keywords. They are the focus of the search engines and putting in the wrong keywords can cost you vital hits.

The best feature of all of these is that they are totally free. Unlike using a print ad, you don’t have to pay any up front costs. If you are selling something, you won’t have to pay a listing fee or commission to the site upon sale like you would for an auction site. And if you are looking for a job, you don’t have to pay a finders fee like you would a head hunting site. All the fee’s are paid for by advertising that is featured on the site. How much better can it get?

You are still reading? Get off the sofa and go look in your garage and see what you can sell. Better yet, maybe you can offer some type of service, i.e. cleaning, that will end up as your permanent source of income. Regardless, whether you are trying to sell something or looking for a job, get moving because the only money you are losing in this venture is future earnings!

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