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Exchanging business cards is still a well-known practice between businessmen, even with the emergence of social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. Business cards still have their place today as they contain vital information about someone, such as their position within their organization. Making a business card noticeable is a great way to make people remember who you are. Here are some tips.

Include new technology such as QR codes

Almost everyone uses a smartphone today. This makes a very unique opportunity of mixing in technology to create a one of a kind business card. Provide a small space somewhere on the card, preferably on one of the corners, and place your QR code there. Once photographed by smartphone camera, a downloadable app automatically scans the code and redirects the user to your company’s webpage, a promotional video in YouTube. QR codes can even be used as a way for you to give a special offer to clients.

Use Sleek and Unique Textures to Leave a Mark

Think about it, do you have a favorite shirt in your closet? Its texture and feel on your skin when worn are things you have probably taken a liking to. The same concept applies to a business card. Something that has a nice, unique texture will definitely be remembered. Play around with paper or with printing methods that leave marks and dents on the material. Choose something that’s pleasing to touch and adds another layer of style to the card’s appearance.

Take Advantage of Digital Storage

Let’s face it, business cards are really simple to lose. Some people would even just throw these away. To minimize waste and cost, you can go digital and use your smartphone. Hundreds of phone apps and programs are available on online marketplaces that allow you to save digital cards. You can even take a picture of actual business cards and save this on your smartphone. This way, you won’t lose your cards and you’ll have an easier time organizing them.

Add Links to Social Media Pages

Cards contain key information about the person owning them. This would include their name, address, contact number and email address. These days, you will also need to add information about your social media pages. Include your Twitter and Facebook page, your website, LinkedIn account and other ways that people can check you out online. It’s also a big boost for your online presence since you are encouraging people to go to your sites and see what you offer there, which means more traffic.

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