Make Your Business Stand Out In The Crowd – Be Unconventional And Imaginative

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Advertising is not just about trying to sell a product, nor is it solely about developing a brand. In the competitive, global world of today, the business owner has to ‘stand out in the crowd’ as indeed anyone has to, whether they are looking for a job or trying to increase their sales.

It is no longer simply enough to have experience, skills and great referrals. Today even the very best person or business can still miss out when they are competing. And who do they miss out to? It is often to the more innovative and unconventional person or business who goes that extra mile to catch your attention and stand out in the crowd.

It has now become critical that those wanting to achieve success must demonstrate their ability to be able to connect with a wide variety of people. They must also be flexible and be able to modify and adjust their behaviour patterns. But above all, they must be able to learn new skills, to either suit an employer or to satisfy a customer’s needs.

In today’s heavy dependence on technology, most people have very limited skills. It is therefore imperative that they are prepared to educate themselves and ‘give it a go’ with some of the great software that is now available and can give the micro and home based business operator a leading edge.

However, there is one thing that all those competing have to do; they must demonstrate their ability to be unique. A creative and innovative approach is called for, whether it be for a resume, a brochure or simply a photograph of themselves.

In business (especially on the internet) it is very important to include a photo of the primary business operators, as people doing business via the internet do not have the normal opportunity of meeting the operator. Therefore, to build trust, a portrait photo is necessary. So many small business operators ignore this major element necessary for gaining new clients.

Let’s assume that you decide to get a professional photo of yourself made to use in your promotion. We have all seen some great photos that show the very best features of a person; but how many of these do we remember? Not many. Let me tell you about two that I remember and consequently they have developed a brand as they stand out in the crowd.

The first one was of an accountant. She was very withdrawn and introverted. Unfortunately she wore particularly thick glasses, of which, no doubt, she was very self conscious. It did not matter what the photographer tried to do, he could not get her to loosen up or even smile. She was wearing a suit (typical dress for her profession) when the photographer had a brain wave. He got her to take off her jacket and to lie on the floor with a cushion to lean on. This was so bizarre for her that she began to giggle. It was this friendly, laughing lady that the photographer was able to capture; suddenly her glasses were of little consequence. There was no other accountant showing such flair in their portrait photo and she definitely stood out in the crowd for her profession.

Another gentleman was a printer by trade. He was obviously a very innovative printer, if his photo was anything to go by. He dipped both hands in a swirl of coloured inks and held them up each side of his face while he displayed an impish grin. Not only were viewers able to easily see what he looked like, they also remembered that he was a printer and had a sense of humour and was creative. This was exactly what he wanted; people remembered him for what he did in his business. It is difficult to forget this photo and I can clearly visualise it, years after I first saw it.

If you want to achieve success and ‘beat’ your competitors, try being unconventional while at the same time remaining professional and stand out in the crowd. You not only have to capture attention quickly, you also have to be remembered. This is branding at its best and is so easy to achieve.

Barbara Gabogrecan is an artist, author, entrepreneur and supporter of the home based business sector. She supports a large membership base (from Australia and overseas) by providing a huge range of marketing and promotional services, many of which are free. There is an emphasis on internet marketing to enable high ranking on search engines, resulting in more clients and increased sales.

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