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How to make money off going green- DIY Recycled Enzyme now!

Today’s business is all about being green. From Wal-Mart to Apple, everyone is talking about how green their approach, packaging, or methods are. And they are making huge money out of it! Well, for small people like you and I can have a hard time participate in a big going for green business and try to capture some share from the top, but wait! There’s always a good way to “be green” and start up a “green & easy” business and earn “green” buck (dollars)! Recycled enzyme, some may called it garbage enzyme is one of those easy ways to make small company to participate the green business and earn big green buck!

So, what is recycled enzyme?

Recycled enzyme is a multipurpose liquid or fluid that can be used as a cleansing agent, purifier, fertilizer, blockage solution and many more. In fact, it helps you to save lots of money and make lots from it! Let me explain to you slowly; think of your kitchen waste, how are you going to deal with it? Throw it away may seem to the logical way. In this case, NO!

It is actually a smart way of using your kitchen wastes instead of throwing them out. Making recycled enzymes using kitchen wastes such as vegetables and fruits can actually save the environment. Because DIY recycled enzyme will go through a process of fermentation and this fermentation process will release ozone gas that will help to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Simply to say, it is an excellent way to do our part in safeguarding the environment but at the same time, making money out of it by selling it to the community.

Believe me, many will be happily to pay for your “leftover” treasure, recycled enzyme.

The basic ingredients to DIY recycled enzymes are as the following:-

* 1 part of Sugar
* 3 parts of Vegetable and/or fruit dregs
* 10 parts of water
* A plastic/ glass container (use which is air-tight)

Remark: Citrus fruits like oranges and pineapples or even apple will provide nice smelling during the fermentation process.

Step to step to make recycled enzymes:

Step 1: In the plastic container, dilute the sugar in water; then, add in the fruit/vegetable dregs

Be sure to leave about one third of empty space in the plastic container for the fermentation process

Step 2: Close the container tightly; during the first month, open the container’s cap twice a day to release the gas that has built up

Step 3: Once in a while where necessary, push the floating dregs downward. Be sure to place the container in a cool and ventilated area.

Step 4: After the first month, the ingredients in the container should be stable and you won’t need to release the gas anymore. At this stage, you just need to leave it alone to ferment for another 2 months before using it. Isn’t that easy?

Last step: Before using the “finished” recycled enzyme, you may filter it, take only the liquid.
If you can buy nice bottles then use it, but our suggestion is to use something like 500ml mineral water bottles to store the liquids (or what we called recycled enzymes). If you can make good labeling, then do it and paste it on the bottle. At this stage, recycled enzymes will be ready to be sold to the community with the cost that you decide!

Enzyme cleaner has many uses for the environment, agriculture and even in homes. In homes, it is used:
– as a household cleaning liquid

– to remove foul odours, molds and grime in the kitchen and toilet
– as an anti-bacterial and anti-viral agent
– to drive away insects
– to clean carpets and remove ticks
– for laundry washing and ironing
– for mopping floors
– for cleaning cars


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