Make Leadership Decisions Work For You

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Leaders Make Decisions

I am the queen of possibilities. I see so many options that I can become paralyzed. I get stuck. Many options lead to lack of focus and the result 99% of the time is indecision.

This trap of options and indecision became so frustrating in my household that one day my youngest son looked me in the eye and said, “Mom, decide or die!” If I had to make a decision – choose one option (even if I suffered all of the anxiety of leaving all other options behind), OR DIE, what choice would I make? This approach worked. I made the decision and freed myself to move forward. Was it a perfect decision? Not sure. I do know that it was perfect for the moment because it moved me out of paralysis. If the decision was incorrect, I at least had some momentum to change course. When you need to decide, decide. Get out of your way.

Decide or Die is an appropriate battle cry for entrepreneurs and small business owners everywhere. Decisions may be imperfect, but they are not arbitrary or baseless if they are rooted in your purpose and you use a pragmatic decision-making process that ties to future vision with roots in that purpose. Decide and move forward. Inertia ends. Growth begins. Consider the following thought provokers:

  • Describe your life purpose in one sentence – what do you do, what do you stand for and with what value do you do it?
  • Do you know what your highest values are?
  • Do you have a method for making a decision or do you rely solely on your gut?
  • Do you wait for others to tell you what they think first?
  • What method do you have to quickly and efficiently analyze your options?
  • Do you know if what you are deciding about is worth considering?

Use This Decision Making Process To Make A Decision:

1. On a sheet of paper, list all of the things that are important to you and would contribute to complete happiness in your life. Be very specific

  • Rank your happy list to your top three or four.
  • Put that to your left, in clear view.

    2. Make a second list of the options that you are considering.

    • Place the list next to your prioritized happy list.
    • Which of the decision options honors the entire happy list?
    • Which of the decision options honors most of the happy list?

    3. Knowing what is important to you and contributes to your happiness and also what your options are, List on a third sheet the negative impact of each of the options.

    • Compare all three lists and decide

    This may sound simplistic, and it is….but terrifically effective!

    One Last Hint: If you are having difficulty letting go of some options, pick one. Then file the other options away in an idea file. Review the file weekly/monthly/quarterly. As your business grows in leaps and bounds, some of those options are worth review. Others become obsolete because the clear committed action that emerged from your original decision has caused your business to shift and new considerations emerge.

    Mary Pat Knight is a strategy and leadership expert, working with small businesses and entrepreneurs to create dynamic businesses and fulfilling personal lives. A parallel career as a corporate executive and entrepreneur coupled with single parenting three teens makes MP ideally suited to support life and work balance for the busy entrepreneur. For your free access to 30 Days and 30 Ways to A Heart Centered Strategy, visit

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