Make Explainer Videos Your General Way of Advertising Your Products

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Explainer videos, with its bundle of benefits, have really set the online marketing scene on fire. According to ReelSeo, “E-commerce sites that use product videos sell up to 45% more.” This shows that demand for videos is set to rise even further. An Explainer video makes the best possible use of audio video production to introduce and convince a customer to go for a product.

The advantages associated with Explainer videos are as follows:

1. They help in launching a product. These days every business looks forward to quickly launch its product among a large audience. An explainer video is best suited to popularize a product. Such videos can be played both on and off line.

2. Since they ease the flow of complex information related to a product, and can also elaborate on the vital information on a product, they end up creating a trust relationship with the customers.

3. They are a good mix of entertainment and information. With the use of cartoon characters watching them becomes a fun, and viewers start remembering the message of the video for a longer duration.

4. They can be made viral as well. With all the elements, such as texts, moving images, cartoons, different voices and music etc., working in coordination they give a movie like wholesome effect to viewers. This makes viewers experience a certain kind of feeling which makes them share the video more and more with others on networking sites.

5. Explainer videos are also helpful in deriving traffic to a website. According to Forrester research Video SEO is 53 times more likely to drive a 1st page search result than traditional SEO. Adding them to a website can increase the value of website multifold in the eyes of viewers.

6. They are also helpful in converting a surfer into an active customer. Kelsey Group study has found that 55% of people who view a video visit the company’s website and 24% make a purchase as a result of watching it.

7. Being short, they retain the attention of a viewer till the time they are played.

8. They end up making a viewer purchasing the product or do something in furtherance of that, for example, to make an enquiry about the product or leave a message etc.

9. Making them doesn’t cost a bomb, that is, they can be made in a low budget, and thus even a new or small business entity can own them.

This explainer video have become the leading way to market a product. They can not only promote a product but also help a business enter into a relationship with customers. The key is to get it done from a right video production company who can realize the corporate advertising, promotional and marketing requirements of your business.

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