Magic Wands, Cold Spaghetti and Your Website?

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I know you’re wondering… what do magic wands have to do with cold spaghetti and, more importantly, what on earth do the two of those have to do with your website?!

Don’t worry, I’ll get to that.

But first let’s talk about YOU for a moment.

Because here’s the thing: you’re great at what you do. And you MAY even know it (just a teensy bit) but actually TALK about it in your marketing? No way! That just feels so sleazy, so uncomfortable, so… ick.

PLUS deep down you know that there is a particular “type” of person with whom you work best… who you LOVE to serve and who gets amazing results working with you. But you don’t want to speak only to those people, typically for one of two reasons: A) you need as many clients as you can get, so you don’t want to turn potential clients away, even if they’re less-than-ideal… as least it’s something, right? Or B) just because you mostly work with single women aged 45-60 in management positions (for example) doesn’t mean that you can’t help the occasional single man in his thirties (or someone else out of your “typical” range), so you don’t want to discourage those clients from contacting you.

And so you sit down to write your web copy with all these limitations in mind, and your content comes out all watered down and limp… kinda like cold spaghetti.

You’re nervous to really stand behind your magnificence, so your copy inadvertently lacks the confidence that lets readers know that you ARE an authority on this subject… you CAN help them… and they SHOULD work with you.

And because you’re talking to no one in particular, your copy is too generic to really speak to the people who need you most… and they end up completely missing your message.

On the other hand, when you sit down to write your copy from a place of quiet confidence in your own abilities, and when you can actually picture in your mind who you’re speaking to, your message comes through loud and clear… and readers start responding.

Sometimes LOTS of readers start responding. It’s kinda like waving a magic wand and poof! The curtain is lifted and the clients start pouring in. Think of it this way: if you’re standing in the middle of a crowd of exclusively Spanish-speaking people, and calling out in English for someone, anyone, to help you find a bathroom… you’re gonna get a lot of blank looks, and people eventually walking away. They may WANT to respond, but you’re just not speaking their language, so they can’t. You’re frustrated because you can’t find a bathroom, they’re frustrated because they can’t understand you to help you, and nobody gets what they want.

But on the other hand, if you call out your request in Spanish, suddenly you’ve got twenty people responding to your question all at once, each with their own recommendation. It’s like you opened a floodgate, simply by changing the way you stated your request, simply by changing the language used.

Well, it’s the same as the language you’re using in your marketing (and in this case, your web copy). If you’re not speaking in terms that your ideal clients get and can respond to, they won’t respond. Period, end of story. But if you make just a few simple tweaks to your message, the results can be immediate and amazing.

Copywriter Tammi Metzler of The Write Associate helps small business owners worldwide create client-attracting web copy and other online marketing materials. Get a FREE copy of her Get Clients Online Toolkit by visiting

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