Magazine and Brochure Printing – How Does This Work?

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Most publishing houses have a section dedicated to magazine & brochure printing. It is often the more exciting part of any publishing company as these are colorful and require design and layout skills. The qualified graphic designers do most of the design and layout and the writing of copy is done by the editorial staff. Most of the publishers have their own in-house printing presses making proofing and the signing off on jobs that much easier.

Both of these publications have to be of high standards and portray high quality, especially the photographs. It is for this reason that most magazines employ their own photographer or photographers and run their own photo shoots. They might also bring in a specialist photographer for specific types of photography (such as for fashion or outdoor shoots). The reason is that there is always the need for photographs with the best resolution and lighting.

A particular layout and design for a specific magazine makes it stand out from the rest. These aspects are maintained for as long as the magazine exists. It can change in that the target market and age group, might change for some reason and this will influence the overall layout and design of it.

High-end brochures follow the same production as the other publication would. It will also be of high quality and a glossy product. What makes both glossy could be the paper stock or the fact that they would use varnish for it. Sometimes the varnish or gloss paper stock s used throughout or the inners would be matte.

Many times, they use spot varnish to embellish or highlight certain areas or photographs. Varnish is a great way for high-end brochures for products or the estate markets. The brochure of this nature is often quite expensive and it is also a means of businesses showing there profits through this type of publication.

This could be a once off publication whereas the other publication could be a quarterly or monthly publication (or even bi-annually). There are writers, freelance writers and editors engaged in setting up the different sections of the reading matter. The different sections could be for food, lifestyle, craft and any other parts, which the current issues would benefit by. The editor would decide what is to be included.

Brochures are often used for retail advertising and are sometimes included as part of the publication. It would be for this reason that it would be in glossy presentation as well. Many times editors would also prefer to use matte paper or matte varnish to obtain a specific look.

The brochures are often done for clients, who would pay for design, layout and print. It is therefore presented in the style in which the client requested it to be in. It could also be that the designers are given free rein and would be able to come up with their own layout and design. The revenue from the magazine & brochure printing goes back into the coffers of most publishing companies.

Bob Snowzell writes for G H Smith who are specialists at leaflet printing and brochure printing

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