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Every business is looking for leads. The sales process is what keeps the business going. But generating leads can be a very costly undertaking. Do you advertise in the newspaper, radio, television, internet, door to door flyers? It really is a vast, an expensive undertaking. A seemingly insurmountable problem.

The problem is compounded when you consider that not every lead will be a qualified lead. Even a trained sales staff can list a myriad of problems with cold calling, appointment setting, and with the internet the risk of spamming.

Luckily we are in the age of some really great technology. The days of cold calling and the need for sales letters may be passing the way of the dinosaur.

What if you could have your customer come directly to you? What if you had the ability to contact hundreds, even thousands of people who wanted exactly what you have for sale with the push of a button? Would this make your job a little easier and the marketing costs very little?

If you have a buyer who walks into your store and says he wants such and such a product, model number so and so, isn’t he or she sold already? And isn’t that customer already qualified to purchase that product? I mean if they know exactly what they want they very likely also know the price range and the capabilities of the product.

I see this as a targeted and qualified sales lead in any business. Also, you can target your business to what the buying public actually wants, not what you have for sale. I know I have been completely turned off by sales people trying to sell me what I didn’t want just because that is what they had for sale.

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Ray Shipley is an internet product reviewer. For more information on this product please visit http://lookingforleads.weebly.com/

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