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Are you currently looking around on the Internet for one of those websites that host logo design competitions? If so read on for advice on choosing the right site to hold your competition and how you should go about reading some reviews before you decide.

Logo design contests are all the rage these days. The beauty of this business model springs from the concept of crowd-sourcing. By holding a design contest for your business logo and inviting designers from all around the world to join in you are going to be presented with more concepts than any other logo design option.

These design communities, that match multiple designers up with client projects host logo design competitions with the prize money going to a winner that is selected by the client. Some of these communities have grown pools of over 100,000 designers so you are going to be able to get your project in front of a lot of talented people.

But with so many design contest sites out there, and new ones springing up all the time, where do you start? How do you separate the good sites from the bad? You need to get some reliable logo design contest reviews. Here are your options.

1) Friends You Can Trust

The best way to know that you are making a good choice as a consumer is to act on the recommendation of a friend that you can trust. Ask some of your friends and colleagues that are in business where they got their logo designs from.

2) On-Site Testimonials

When glancing over a logo contest website take a look around for some testimonials. This method can be a little biased as sites will obviously only publish reviews from their best customers. Look for testimonials from trustworthy sources like Fortune 500 companies. Websites can get in big trouble with the FTC if they fake these kinds of testimonials these days so you can assume that they are real for the most part.

3) User Reviews Online

A more reliable and unbiased way to find reviews from people who have used a logo design contest site is to look around online.

There are also numerous other consumer complaint websites like Yelp.com where customers can post reviews and complaints if they have had a bad experience with a certain website. You will also usually find some feedback in the form of forum posts, blog posts or even YouTube videos if you do a Google search for ‘logo design contest reviews’.

Just be wary that not everything that you read online is true. Without making any accusations I would not be surprised to hear that there are logo design sites out there that pay people to post fake positive reviews about them to boost their reputation. Likewise, you also get sneaky businesses that will post negative reviews about their competitors. There are certain websites out there on the net where you can find people willing to post fake reviews for your company. This practice is illegal, unethical and really deceptive for consumers who are looking for useful information.

While you can get an overall flavor of a logo design contest site by looking online you must remember to keep these things in mind.

4) Reliable Publishers

If you do need to read a few reviews before deciding on the right site to host your logo design contest look for reliable sources like newspaper or other well established authority sites.

The Better Business Bureau is a great place to start as they handle consumer complaints and rate businesses on their success in handling complaints along with other rating factors. This is probably the most reliable source of information if the logo site that you are researching has a profile with them.

Part of the online shopping experience these days is to do your due diligence before jumping in and purchasing. Be smart in how you interpret reviews and opinions that you read and hear so that you will be well-informed and not misled.

At Logo-Reviews.com we offer ideas and advice for logo design in numerous industry categories such as photography logos, hair salon logos, daycare logos and more.

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Soon we will also have a new section that focuses on reviews of the top logo design contest sites.

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