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Local Business marketing when done correctly and in within a system will deliver fantastic results. The major problem I find when talking to business owners is the lack of good advice they find before starting their online campaigns. They often make a very, very big mistake before they even start. They are aiming for the wrong goal. They think they need a website. What they need are customers visiting a Website. In fact there is a way of getting customers without even having a website. Google are aware of the massive growth in the needs of local businesses and have created a section called Google Maps.

They rank this very highly in fact if you type in “your trade or service” in “your town. Eg “Restaurants in London”. The first thing Google lists are the 7 highest ranking Restaurants in London next to a Map. This happens in every town in every country. This should be a must for every business owner to try to get their business next to their map. You do not need a website for this. Google will create a web listing for you with your contact information and lots of other information about your business/service. Now you are attracting customers.

Once this is achieved, the next step should be to create a Website. Not any website – A Lead Generation Website. This is a website that is designed to be on page1 of Google for as wide an area as you target – Maybe 30 mile radius from your business premises. This style of website is designed to meet our initial goal – attracting customers, making it as easy as possible to find your site to solve their problem. The whole site is designed very simply to convert visitors into customers.

I learnt these strategies the hard way. I have spent years researching and fine tuning them so as to make a system that will work for all businesses. I have given you a route as how to do it correctly or we could do it for you and you will enjoy the results much sooner. Leaving you to do what you are good at, running your business. Any questions please email me on this email listed on this website. http://offline2onlinemarketingltd.co.uk

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