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With the invention of the internet, consumers are now able to easily purchase items from around the globe. Some business owners feel that local advertisements are no longer useful and that nationwide advertising is the only solution. This is not the case. In fact, local internet advertising is crucial. As more consumers turn to the internet for opinions about goods and services, company reputation has become a unique marketing device. Through the use of consumer review websites merchants can use this trend to their advantage.

Utilizing websites which post service related reviews can be an excellent way to attract customers, if used correctly. To get started, a person usually must list their company with a website. In many cases, customers can list the business, but the owner can later claim it, often for a fee. Analyze all costs before committing to any payments. The owner then can either post testimonials about products and services, or must wait for site user reviews, depending on the website. While it may be tempting to write testimonials under another user name, shop owners should never do so. Review site users are experienced and can spot fake reviews. Even when posting something a client actually stated, one should never create reviews under a false consumer identity. Honesty makes a business appear more trustworthy than a dozen fake reviews.

Gaining online reviews takes time, and can be a frustrating process. While customers may love a store’s products, posting reviews online is an extra step that many do not have time for. Company associates can shortcut the process for clients, to make online reviewing as easy as possible. Choose one or two well known review sites and add a tag line to the end of emailed invoices. This is an easy and polite way to garner reviews. It is helpful to display a prominent website link which leads to the page where clients can discuss a particular merchant. Always provide direct links to the online form that pertains to a particular business. Giving an address to a general website is a sure way for clients to get distracted by reading about other businesses reviews. Giving good customer service is one way to ensure a positive review.

Gathering positive reviews on opinion websites is a useful, but requires patience. While this is not advertising in a traditional sense, reputation building is crucial to a company’s success. Consumers can easily make opinions public, and companies cannot afford to ignore this. Time spent on reputation building as a marketing strategy is time well spent.

Author is a freelance writer. For more information on local advertising, please visit http://www.local-advertising.com.

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