Letterhead Printing Helps Set Any Organization’s Personal Tone and Image

April 6, 2009 by  Filed under: Branding 

Your organization’s letterhead is an important component of its overall image and can set the tone for all your communications. Having color letterhead printing done with a unique style and corporate identity shows that your organization is serious and having letterhead that is well designed and printed can really go a long way for any business or personal endeavor. Sometimes your letterhead will be the first thing a person sees coming from you or your organization, so you want it to have an impact that is positive and powerful. Your letterhead should say something even subtly about what your organization or what you are about, what your values are and what your personal style is.

Letterhead printing can go a long way to advancing your organization’s goals in terms of brand identification and also communications strategy. You may only be using letterhead for correspondence or it may have multiple uses for printing memos, invoices, receipts and other corporate or organizational communications that have to look professional and official. Your letterhead has a better chance of helping bolster your brand identity if it is printed in color, has a unique style and has the pertinent information about your company or organization on it. How many times have you gotten communications from companies that did not have their address or phone number on their letterhead? If you have ever run across a situation like this, it probably made you wonder what they were thinking when they had the letterhead printed.

When you go with color letterhead printing, you are making an investment in your organization’s image and are also achieving some practical communications strategies that go beyond just a sheet of paper. If your company is trendy and cutting edge, choosing a letterhead that is bold and makes a statement keeps your company’s communications in line with what your values and image are. People would expect trendy communications from a trendy company. If you are more corporate and conservative, you can still have style and class and add to your corporate image with a letterhead that suits your organization’s image and values. Letterhead may seem like a small thing, but it’s a vitally important part of your organization’s image and communication strategy.

Having letterhead printing done says that you care about how your organization comes across in written communications. It can set the tone for further communications you may have with customers and others and should really anchor your organization’s image and goals while being multi-functional and versatile.

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