Let’s Start Guerrilla Marketing for Your Events

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You must have heard about “guerrilla warfare”! If not then let me explain it to you. “Guerrilla warfare” is when a small band of soldiers adopt unusual tactics to defeat a large group of enemies. In the events industry, guerrilla marketing means implementing selective unconventional advertising strategies to increase sales.

Many event organizers are applying guerrilla marketing techniques to enhance event attendance and generate high revenues. This type of a marketing strategy comes at a cost-effective rate, so you don’t really spend much in the implementation phase. Through the usage of graffiti, sticker bombing, flash mobs, etc. you can attract a large section of people to your events and activities, resulting in higher enrollment numbers.

Let’s figure out the various forms of guerrilla marketing plans for your events.


Graffiti has immediate eye-catching appeal. You can create colorful, attractive graffiti, graphics, and murals and place them across select locations throughout the city to bombard your target audience. Reverse graffiti is also becoming increasingly popular as a means of advertising. It means cleaning a dirty surface to produce something highly interesting and unusual. For example, you can clean the windscreen of an unwashed car to write down “Wash Me”. Domino’s have used a lot of reverse graffiti in an effort to set up a sustainable advertising campaign. They used water, carbon offsetting, etc. to create images as part of their guerrilla marketing campaign strategy.

Sticker Bombing

It is also known as sticker tagging and is used by event marketers to display their company logo or upcoming event details using stickers. You can embark on an extensive sticker bombing campaign by gluing stickers on lamp posts on busy streets, in the parks, on the walls of shopping malls, on near a movie theater, etc. You can add an electronic scan panel on the stickers (having your organization’s URL) so that passers-by can connect with you via their cell phones or Smartphone.

Flash Mobs

Flash mobs have gained tremendous popularity not only in USA, but around the world. You can easily organize a flash mob to promote your latest fundraising campaign by hiring some performers who will start dancing to the tunes of say “Friends” by Beatles. You will see how quickly you literally grab the attention of passers-by who stand for a minute or two to see what’s happening. You may see many of them starting to dance, eventually turning the five-minute dance into an hour long road-block party. You must put on a banner next to the performers for the people to know the reason for this brief performance.


An easy way to generate interest in your events and campaigns is by giving away freebies for example, a cool badge or a friendship band. This exercise of giving gifts to potential customers can create some immediate visibility. For online events, you can provide a free CD containing you past events videos, etc.

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