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If you are at all like most online marketers, you have exhausted your resources for new customers. You have probably had ad campaigns running all over the Internet, trying to test out new demographics or different sets of keywords. But if you haven’t found an easy to implement,fast platform for SMS or Text message marketing to reach your potential customers, then you’ll be missing out on a fast-growing segment of your mobile customers.

SMS – text messaging – has been around for a long time, but it is only recently that small to medium sized companies have been smart about using it to their advantage. They have found away to send SMS messages and have people opt in to an SMS mobile mailing list that they can continually feed with updates, specials, private deals, events etc. Just like with traditional email lists, you can schedule SMS messages so that your subscribers get a message every week, or just when you have something new to tell them.

Getting people to join your SMS list is not difficult, and you will usually find that the promise of a coupon code, a special gift, or an entry into a contest is enough to get them aboard. Once you have them, it is then up to you to convert them into paying customers. This means that your website needs to be ready for them to click through. Meaning that your current website should be mobile ready and/optimized, or your newly subscribed customers may not have the mobile experience you’d like. You can in many cases choose to optimize your current site (read expensive designer fees) or choose to link your text message directly to your mobile website (read very affordable). Your SMS provider should also provide you with a mobile optimized website to sync with your newly launched SMS campaign.

The rate at which people open their text messages as compared to their email messages is almost four to one, which means that virtually every message you send will find a person on the other end who is receptive to what you have to say. This is a big change from traditional email marketing where you always feel as if you are going to get accused of spamming. Once you have found a compatible groove with SMS that works for you and your customers, you might never need a traditional email list again.

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