Leadership – How to Become an Effective Leader in Your Organisation

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Leadership Development – How to Measure your Effectiveness as a Leader

The demands on leaders are growing each day and many find themselves being consumed in their organisation and not finding the time to be effective leaders.

Working “on the business to achieve results through others” requires leaders who are focused on what they need to achieve and are actively thinking about how to adopt the correct leadership behaviours to achieve results.

This requires a clear understanding of what leaders do. Many, when asked, find it difficult to clearly explain what they do to be a leader, and therefore have difficulty in owning their leadership development.

One leadership model that delegates have found provides an excellent practical model is the Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI) by Kouze & Posner. The model has 5 key leadership behaviours

• Challenging the process

• Inspiring a shared vision

• Enabling others to perform

• Modelling the way

• Encouraging the heart

The 360 online feedback process by boss, colleagues, direct reports and self clearly provides feedback on your effectivess in these 5 key leadership behaviours. Individuals are able to prioritise areas for improvement, implement change and measure their improvement by repeating the 360 process within a year.

LPI really makes you see your leadership as it is, not how you perceive it to be and enables you to take action and rise to the challenge of improving your leadership of each individual and the team.

Experience has shown this is a feedback process that is extremely challenging,- are you ready for the Leadership Development Training challenge?

This process is a key part of helping individuals understand themselves to improve their effectiveness as a professional manager

Linking personality, leadership and culture into a seamless journey of development for managers in any organisation has a profound impact on organisational performance. Individual managers personal perceptions are frequently different from perceptions of others.

Three tools, used to help organisations change are:

• Personality – Insights Discovery ®, a user friendly personality profile that helps you develop effective working relationships

• Leadership – LPI

• Culture – a new tool for measuring culture has recently been released by Cathexis Ltd, the Amici Relationship and Culture Audit, enabling feedback from all stakeholders. A revelation for understanding current status and managing culture change, plus measuring has your organisation achieved the planned changes.


To be an effective leader you have to manage all 3 aspects…Do you manage all three? If you want to be an effective leader these issues must be addressed.

This article was brought to you by Peter Sturrock – specialist in Leadership Development Training

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