Leadership Coaching: Trust Garners Top Performance From Your Employees

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Do Your Employees Trust You?

You’ve worked your way up to a management position, and that means you have what it takes. You possess the skills and qualities needed as a manager. And chances are, you think you are a good and effective manager. Being so, and as a person in authority, you think that your employees trust you. But do they, really? How can you know that they do?

However, a recent study suggested that employees are not likely to trust their bosses. On the other hand, workers tend to trust their co- workers more. Your employees might even like their jobs, but they oftentimes think that their managers are not making the best decisions especially when it concerns their subordinates. The question then goes if it matters at all if your employees trust you. What are ways to find out that employees in your company believe in the management?

The fact is, YES, it really matters that employees trust you as manager. Why? If your employees trust you, the benefits go to the two essential lifeblood of your company- Performance and Profits.

Trust= Better Employee Performance

If your employees don’t trust you, they don’t have much motivation to do their best for the company. Expect that you won’t be getting top performance from them. Believing that their managers do not care about their interest or not are looking out for them at all, employees feel that they have to do it themselves. They’re apt to protect themselves and work for their needs and interests, or worse worry about those. This added effort and anxiety take away the energy that employees ought to render for quality and creative productivity.

You might be so good at management that you can push your employees’ performance levels up, but your employee motivation will not be deep seated if your employees don’t trust you. You won’t be able to keep up your employees’ boosted performance. Not feeling genuine motivation, your employees will not be able to generate that spark of creativity. There really won’t be a sincere drive from them to produce ideas and efforts to help the company.

The performance of your employees reflects your performance as a manager, If your employees perform poorly, then that gives an impression to your boss that you’re not a good manager.

Ways To Cultivate Trust In Your Employees

So how do you establish trust between you and your employees?

  • Ask them. First to find out if your employees do trust you. Basically, ask someone you trust in the group about how the group feels towards your management.
  • Really listen to your employees. What are they trying to say? Read between the lines, too. If your employee is reluctant or tells you something and then stops, it’s a sign that they don’t trust you.
  • Be with your employees. Be less formal and do MBWA (Management by Walking Around). This way, you’ll be more aware of what really is going on in the workplace. Taking time to join your employees gives the impression that you are a person, not just the “boss” whom people easily feel distant from and mistrust.

Trust is earned, and taking time and effort to garner trust from your employees pays in more ways than one.

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